Day (9 Sep 2011)
"Re: Pastor Riley's "Pass Away" and "Approaching""


This is a very simple video, which supports Pastor Riley's recent teaching.   It is a study on the actual Greek words involved, which you can easily duplicate yourself using the same sources, which are available free online.


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Why do some people seem to have such difficulty with the thought of Elenin/Nibiru, or any other currently unknown, potentially catastrophic object coming from the direction of the heavens toward the earth ??


If you read the Bible literally, and take each word for its face and traditional value, (unless an allegory is obviously intended) you will see that the majority of the judgments in Revelation come from the heavens (i.e., outer space, somewhere above the earth, the sky).


The 6th Seal is FILLED with the consequences of an event that comes from the heavens (and in order to be both clear and to easily convery the definition intended, will use the the words the heavens in place of the terms above the earth, or the sky, or outer space, up there, etc.)


The sixth seal is a great earthquake; sun black (that definitely involves the heavens); moon blood (same source: the heavens); stars fell; (the heavens), heaven (a part of the heavens) departs as a scroll; all mountains and islands moved out of their place...


So this entire, incredible judgment comes from the heavens.


Next. almost the entire set of Trumpet judgments comes from the heavens.


The pre-Trumpets scene: An angel in Heaven takes the censer filled with fire and casts it to the earth (to earth, from Heaven


Trumpet one: Hail, fire mingled with blood cast to earth... (from the heavens

Trumpet two: Great mountain burning with fire cast into the sea... (from the heavens) 

Trumpet three: Great star fell from Heaven burning as a lamp... (from the heavens)

Trumpet four: Sun, moon and stars smitten and darkened... (the heavens)

Trumpet five: Star falls from heaven into the earth... (from the heavens)


Trumpets 1,2,3,4 and 5 involve judgments from the heavens.


There is story of the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and the twelve stars as a crown on her head (the sun, moon and stars are all in the heavens. While this may have a primary reference to Israel, its terminology is of the heavens). 


The false prophet causes fire to come down from heaven on the earth. 


The great red dragon whose tail draws a third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to earth (from the heavens to the earth)


And the dragon and his angels were cast out of Heaven to the earth.


Next come the vials/bowls judgments: 


The second angel pours his vial upon the sea, which becomes as blood (while the Bible does not specify this judgments as from the heavens, certainly the scene is in Heaven, and the vial is poured to the earth, which implies that the judgment comes from/through the heavens)


The same for the third angel who pours his vial upon the waters. (from the heavens)


The fourth angel pours his vial upon the sun, which definitely indicates the heavens are involved.


The fifth angel pours his vial upon the kingdom of the beast and darkness ensues (obviously involving the sunlight and the heavens).


The seventh angel pours his vial out and in addition to the judgment of an earthquake is a judgment of great hail out of heaven (the heavens)


The fate of the whore of Babylon---a stone like a great millstone is cast into the sea (from the heavens)


The Book of Revelation is replete with judgments which come out of the heavens and fall upon the earth. If something is cast onto something else, it is implied that it falls from a higher position to a lower position, hence the often used phrase: cast down.  Likewise the use of the more direct word: fall; again, impling higher to lower; from the heavens (the sky, air, atmosphere, space, outer space, etc) to the earth. 


This is what the Bible says.  Much of Revelation uses a description which either clearly states, or implies judgments in the heavens.  We believe we are living in the last days immediately before the advent of these judgements. It is not just possible, it is not just likely, but it has been foretold in the Bible, that these judgments will fall to earth from heaven. 


Whether Niribu, Planet X, Elenin, YU55, Levy, or the Good Ship Lollipop, whatever the name or names, obviously, to all who will see, SOMETHING will soon happen, coming (approaching) from the direction of the heavens, which will be used in judgment upon the earth. 


The heavens are being readied today for the judgment soon to come.  


Maybe that is why Jesus said: LOOK UP, your redemption draws nigh ! (Luke 21:28)