David Sweat (3 Sep 2011)
"soooo much hypocrisy.....i threw up in my mouth a little when i heard this"

So....check this.....I like to flip through news channels and see what each is saying. A headline caught my eye on CNN. "3 hockey player enforcers dead in 4 months." The reporter stated " two could be a coincidence, but three definitely means something and warrants looking into further."

Awful funny how the very same media outlets have no concern and dismiss the fact that (according to nasas own website) three times the earth, elenin and the sun have lined up and there were major earthquakes! Infact they downplay it! It is only more confirmation that elenin is more than what we knew.

Fellow Doves.....this I hope is the year more than ever....I can't wait to see Him!

I love you all so much. While I see some bickering and disagreeing and downright rudeness.....but we are all so passionate and want to be right. That gets us emotional. Find a way to let God change your heart.....cause your devotion, fire to be watching is nothing short of inspiring.....

Please pray for me.....I need more of my Beloved Lord in my life and a closer walk with me