David Daughtrey (7 Sep 2011)

Doves and fellow believers:
               In the last several weeks, we've been hearing a lot about this comet elenin and planet -x
           coming. I've watched and listened like the most of us to the news. Like you I don't want my
           name trashed for junk rumors. There is so much pros and cons information out there it at
           times makes my own head shake.  Well here lately I've started hearing things on this infor-
           mation that is beginning to be more than just coincidence. In the rapture vision I was given
           in 1996, I was taken above the earth and shown an object coming from deep space, this
           object was built by some intelligence no doubt, it had seams or pieces were it was put together
           I even drew a picture of it at the end of the rapture vision,, also right behind the object was
           also following two large Twin asteroids traveling almost side by side, one a little behind the other.
           Today ,I seen on some up date two  objects following Elenin that instantly reminded me of the
            twin asteroids. They were also  elongated or cigar shaped. In the next few weeks we will find
            out the truth one way or the other about this. HOW EVER YOU REALLY SHOULD go back and
           reread the RAPTURE VISION OF 1996 ( David Daughtrey).    Its located on the front page of
           Doves. Were brother John has all the rainbow topic headings, under THE RAPTURE OF THE
           BRIDE  its the eleventh subject down. Be sure and take note and description of object at the
           bottom. This whole rapture vision took place over three nights  in a row, they picked up were
           the other left off. Now for the disbelievers out there don't worry I DON'T  plan on posting
           any thing more.. Theres nothing more to say or do. whats going to happen will happen. May
           God bless you all , even the ones that don't like me.....THANK YOU JESUS