David Daughtrey (10 Sep 2011)
"Re : FRANK MOLVER : MICHELLE : ALLEN....." God Bless""

rother Frank Molver, I wished I could tell you what the 21 stood for. I'm glad several others
          have seen it too. The 21 is definitely a day, perhaps a certain 21st day of a hebrew month.
          I thought the same thing too maybe it was ment for the second coming, Mt. Olives.
          If you or any one else has any  clues please let me know, I'm going to leave my email address
          at the bottom of this page.
          Sister Michelle : I thank you for your kind words. We have got to be getting very very close.
          The whole world is shaking, multiple earth quakes daily, weather is out of control, governments
          and economies collapsing.Israel on the brink of a big war,possibly the 83 war, because the
          Russians are to be in the Gog and magog war. People have to be blind not to see this is birth
          pains of something big about to happen very soon.
          I loved that verse " THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME, I'M ONLY PASSING THREW"
          Another one of my favorite's   " I USED TO BE SAD BECAUSE I HAD NO SHOES UNTIL I MET
          Love you sister Michelle and God bless you and yours.... brother David
         Brother Allen, your remark's and observation was greatly appreciated. Yes I also watch and listen
         for his coming. Brother Allen he let me know as soon as those visions where finished, that I was not
         special or better than my brothers and sisters. Even though I love him with all my heart, I still
         feel that I  was unworthly of what I seen. I can't prove a thing untill it happens.
         Your understanding about the object is right on. It will have a purpose for sure., what ? I don't
          know either. I often thought it might be the meaning of the Great Day of Deception the bible
          speak's about. If this object is here when all the people disappear , the A C will blame this UFO.
          I hope those left behind will reason why would the Aliens take old dried up bones from the
          grave yards. The blue cloud with the glowing number 21 in it. I've tried a hundred times to figure
          this out. No doubt the 21 stands for a day, perhaps a certain hebrew month. The blue cloud could
          stand for his glory shineing thru , plus the glowing white twenty one could be from his face, like
          Well any other ideas or theories would be appreciated ,you can contact me at
                      david_daughtrey@ msn.com                   God Bless You and Yours         brother David