David (23 Sep 2011)
"Zombie movie trend & NWO"

Hi there.

Regarding your July 11 blog on the uptick in zombie movies possibly pertaining to NWO foreshadowing,
I'd like to say I've thought something similar.

(also note the uptick in vampire movies as well).

My take is that this is not so much a foreshadowing for the use of bio-weapons
but for cannibalism.

Zombies feed off the flesh of people. (vampires blood).

Consider that the NWO plans to reduce the world's population by 90%.

This can easily be accomplished by crashing the world's currencies (already happening)
freezing energy and food transport (which already is controlled by the NWO
and creating the conditions for mass starvation which would lead to rampant cannibalism.

There are military/CIA studies that conclude people will begin to eat other people after about a week deprived of food.

Just some food for thought.