Christina J (8 Sep 2011)
"A question to the doves about the Psalm 83 War timing"

My dear Dove friends.  Can anyone lead me to a study or share your thoughts on the Psalm 83 war and its timing in relation to the seven year tribulation.  I had always thought that the Psalm 83 war had to come before the seven year tribulation, as it is a yet to be fulfilled prophecy in God's Word.  The events in the Middle East are happening so fast now, it looks like war will come soon.  

I was thinking of the many posts that I have read recently about food shortages and sightings and dreams of the black horse of Revelation.  That lead me to wonder if the destruction of Damascus in Isaiah 17 and the battle in Psalm 83 could be the same battle that is brought by the red horse and rider that take peace from the Earth?  Maybe this is just a basic thing that everybody already knows, but I had always thought the seals are broken after the Rapture of the church.  But it sure seems that those seals are getting ready to break doesn't it!

God bless you all for your posts!  They bring great comfort to me each and every day!  

I pray for our redemption to come soon!!!

Christina J