Christina (23 Sep 2011)
"Have you ever thought of this scripture this way??"

 Hi Doves,
The other night I was talking with the Lord and with all of my short comings & I smoke. I was crying and just pouring my heart out to Him because I want to be so like Him and be a good daughter and live a righteous & holy life like He wants me to,,,,, to be obedient! And I said Lord I know I fall so short, and I am trying so hard to be close to you and do your will and not my own. So upset that I might be left behind I said,,,Lord, please don't leave me when you come at the rapture, I so want to go be with you,  I so want to be part of your Bride. And this is what He said,,,
I will never leave you,,,,, or forsake you.  (From Heb.13:5)
I have never looked at it that way, but I felt a peace and went wow, never thought about that verse that way,, for the rapture????,,, that was what I was asking Him about!
Any thoughts on this?? Could this verse be used for the rapture?  " I will never leave you",,,
Please let me know what ya'll think.
Waiting for Him!