Charles Holler (10 Sep 2011)
"Joe Chappell"

Greetings John, Doves, and Joe Chappell
     This is my third post today and I never write more than one or two but Joe I had to encourage you for your post. So many of us feel the same way. I could just see you in Sunday School as the topic of the rapture became know to everyone and as those who know your passion wondered what in the world were you going to say today, because even our friends and loved ones who are Christians can persecute us for righteousness sake from time to time. It was so good to see that as they delivered you up that the Holy Ghost filled your mouth that very hour and I would imagine some of their heads are still swimming from the Truth. Great post again. Pray that you as I pray also to escape the trbulum that will come upon the whole Earth in that day.
Charles Holler Sr