Charles (8 Sep 2011)
"Amanda 29 dream"

Amanda when there were 42 days left before the 29th I was praying to the Lord in my head thinking the math through calculating 42 days left between the date and the 29th! I look down to see a toner box with the number 42A I was very much in awe! That day I saw the number 42 pop up twice more for example on the license plate at the gas station in front of me! I had a prompting of the spirit that birth pains would be coming almost every day after the 5th see my posts. This confirms your dream also! I am so frustrated trying to tell my wife we only have a few days left. People want to talk about future things with me that I have tried to tell and they get mad at me when I say either way I do not think we have to worry about that.

I am alone in my mind with Jesus showing me things no one else will receive. I pray psalm 25 daily I so want him to take me I know this whole life is an illusion and Jesus is real and my son had a dream that our house turned ninety degrees then flipped upside down after praying to Jesus to talk to him like he did me he is five. My son believes me he is five. I so would like my wife to see and understand in the spirit she says for me to stew in my brain not keep telling her but I have to! I just want us all to go home!