Charles (6 Sep 2011)
"Lion King"

Another subliminal sign? The are showing coming to theaters roaring in like a lion for the first time for just two weeks starting September 16th the Lion King is coming! Seriously!

I got a warning in my spirit the birth pains come steady after today! I do not know what to do I tell people Jesus is coming the signs point to the feast of trumpets and why and they go naw! Then they go back to talking about the new car they want to buy. I bought a new swing for my yard last night and felt so stupid it's like I am not going to get to use it. It made sense worldly mine was falling apart it was half price I had time to put it up then the rain came! I just do not care to buy stuff anymore I am inundated with catalogs and emails from my choice merchants because I have not been buying stuff unless I need to replace something just using what I have and they Are begging me to buy stuff! Is this how any of you feel like it's they want us to obey consume and die not knowing who we really were!

Oh yeah there's a new game out called wedding maker you design your ideal wedding! All the tv shows have had wedding episodes but everything is nothing to look at here. Look at the commercials for kids guns shooting at aliens are they training us to fight against the bride of Christ us coming back? Tell anyone any of these thoughts or feelings and you had fruit loops for breakfast. But I am right in the spirit they want us to covet more more to make them more profit and money. They want us to be distracted by the vanity of life that fades and ignore the saving born again redemption unto life of Christ. It's all bread and circus while Rome burns!