Charles (5 Sep 2011)

How do I go through the next 26 days praying I am not here the 27th among a world wise in itself among those who do not profess to believe in Jesus or of they say the go to church believe he's not coming for 1,000 Years and nothing is going to change or that we are living the kingdom here now or we are the new Israel what? What? Gods covenant in genesis 12:3 is eternal! His word says we are the last generation. Truth is people do not want Jesus to come back it will upset their plans! Or they do not believe problem is they are fulfilling the bible in doing so. Jesus is coming we have an appointment I know this and am trapped in a world that is blinded by the cares of this life to not see what so clearly is. I do and can prove it to Christians with the words of the bible and they do not see or hear I am convinced the same few thousand people are on all the Christian sites watching seriously the whole denominational church is lulled to sleep by soothing words! Wake up the alarm is ringing it's 11:59:59!!!!!!!!

I have a request of the spirit to all doves and all awake Christians clean the dollar stores out of bibles place them in every bus shelter in the country with the words repent believe be saved John 3:16 it's something we all can do invite the people on the street it seems those bidden for the most part are not RSVPing! Please I handed out ten bibles today! The only other people I see set watchtowers in the shelters!