Charles (26 Sep 2011)
"Elenin is real the hammer of Yah the elite are underground"

I just took several photos of the sun see the lens flare moving I took one at a high angle Elenin was in the sky not Venus or moon upper right. Try yourself the elite are in Denver. No one cares Jesus is coming no one knows or believes he is coming he called us to watch and be prepared. They are voting on the Palistinian state tommorow should this occur sudden destruction shall come upon them the nations of the world are saying peace and security the church is asleep the world scoffing Jesus is coming call on the Lord repent watch so if at 5:22pm Dst Elenin comes between the Sun and darkness envelopes the Earth you will be found watching. Please we are out of time read first Thessalonians you need to take seriously you may not be here Friday nor want to be if you are! Call on the name of the Lord check what I did yourself investigate rule out Venus and the moon in your area prove it the watchers will be warned. I think I finally have seen proof in the sky as Thomas with my own eyes I have seen it's coming. Repent believe watch be saved!