Charles (2 Sep 2011)
"A horrible vivid dream!"

I took care of my son today after working all day. I took a picture at work and saw a winged object. My firiend says it's a sun flare. They new guy at work believes it looks like the picture he googled. I blurted out all I knew and a lame witness. He probably thinks I am nut flakes. He was like why would this not be on CNN. Yeah I could see that story breaking news Gods wrath is coming in from space because we are dividing jerusalem and the only way to escape is to stop believing and doing what we tell you to on tv and call on the Lord Jesus and listen to his words! Yeah earthquakes in Ohio, NY, Utah, Virginia, new Mexico, in the last week a hurricane named peace hitting NY they dismiss a dead man coming back to life they do not listen or believe. But hey if it was real CNN would tell them so! I
Said deep impact would they really tell us?

I watched spongebob withy son! They had a biker gang he had to save bikini bottom from. They had skulls on thier clothes skwidward bowed down before them and begged them saying he would betray his family and friends if they would just let him live! I thought this is how the elite see us most would take the mark to save themselves they are joking about us in a kids cartoon. The next one was skwidward faking being a dead man coming back to life and spongebob and Patrick out of fear serving him and calling him master! The episode ends with them sending him up in a bubble going he's in a better place now and him saying help. making fun of the rapture and us serving Jesus! would most parents get the joke or the programming? On icarly they had a show about the mom chipping her son so she could track him. My son keeps asking why this is bad. I tell him he will be in heaven he will not be chipped.

I turned the Tv off all the commercials were about magic casting spells, violent video games, and buying every toy imaginable! Even my son has noticed all the commercials are evil lately! We played stuffed animals!

Well here is my dream. We were camping I just got new sleeping bags and we were laying out watching the stars. My son had to go to the bathroom he went by himself. Looking up we saw meteors falling from the sky and actually hitting. My wife went to get my son and I picked up the sleeping bags. Looking up I saw an airliner half of it falling from the sky like on Lost hitting the ground and exploding! I get to where my son is and he is alone. I ask where mommy is and he says she got burned and could not walk any farther. In horror I picked up my son and continued to walk to a white gate in the distance then I woke up!