Charles (10 Sep 2011)

Nicole please refer to my dream post last Friday a horrible vivid dream. After I saw the meteor shower a plane fell down out of the sky and crashed. Could it have been this hockey plane have not there been reports of meteors falling in Peru? I knew not of your dream but it's the same vision like the opening of Lost! I did not see knowing! Or is this future when the stars begin falling as we go through elenin's tail. Or both! I have had confirming dreams now like Nicole and Amanda wow! I got a call from my wife about the catiplillers and a spider being with them and listened then started to say this was the day of attonement and she got a beep and had to go! The nuggets keep getting taken out before they can bear fruit!

This is important I saw John posting he has to take a two week break for work? Right now we need a backup way to communicate if the letters are interrupted anyone have a website or way? The Lord told me this next two weeks are critical we need to keep sharing what the spirit is showing us all we are all pieces of the whole puzzle!