Charles (10 Sep 2011)

I am a guy and I woke up tears streaming down my face today. I apologized to Jesus for everything I ever fix and for this world. I tried to tell my wife more last night we had a nice evening looking for catiplillers for my sons school. I come home to see a video about thousands of white UN vans parked at ports around the country. She was like so I am like do you know what they are for? She said I always ruin a nice evening. There was a form for cub scouts in his bookbag last night that's all I wanted last year he was too young and she said are you going? All I could do was grunt because I knew she would not want to hear me say are you serious we have like three weeks left or less before everything goes crazy and our only hope is Jesus rescuing us and I will hopefully not be here to do cub scouts with my son. My son will not be here! It's crazy talk to the world no Amanda do not start buying Christmas presents. I finally asked my wife if she would believe me when the dun goes dark she said sure half rolling her eyes! I plan to hold her to it. Ps I prayed to Jesus when I could stop work and concentrate on my family safety and he said when the CME hits Earth and the power grid goes down! Jesus said to the disiples work while there is light because when darkness comes no one will be able to work! Is this what he was alluding to. I just want to be in a place with other believers who are watching and see what's going on. Northcom, FEMA, and the national guard joined as one command also! But nothing to see here. I am so in awe in Godly fear the bible is true! It's not us crazy Amanda it's like you said the world does not see it because they do not want to acknowledge it is true. All my life I have felt strangely like stuff did not matter the way most people act like and somehow stuff was not as it seemed. Even before I put my life in Jesus hands the nagging truth was there I think it's how it is for the world they just drown out the thought reinforcing each other and blind Christians chip in the mix to re assure them we don't speak for them! Jesus said my people perish for lack of knowledge and they are willfully ignorant of the truth because they love a lie and the love of the truth is not in them. The truth is horrible but walking in it and the light of Jesus is the only hope any of us has the love of the truth of Jesus is the only saving grace we have. Put on the light of the truth walk in it and ask your husband if when the sun goes dark will he believe you? I need a serious hug!