Carol Garza (24 Sep 2011)
"To Randy & doves re: feeling the Brink of the rapture this week"

Welcome Home John Tng !  Hope you had a very restful and pleasant vacation.  Though we suffered through 5 Doves heavy withdrawl, by the GRACE of GOD we got through the dry spell !!
To the question of being on the Brink of the Rapture this week.......
Like you Randy, I am having a very difficult time fully stepping over the emotional line preparing for that moment....
For the first time in my absolute serious watch mode, the pieces of the puzzle of when the Rapture could actually occur finally makes complete and total sense.
Rosh Ha Shanna has been the most High Alert Feast for the Rapture in recent years.  The compelling evidence that the Rapture could very well be this coming week is overwhelming !!  Yet, I can’t say I feel ‘excited’ because I still don’t have any kind of assuring sense in my spirit we will soon, very soon be putting on our new Glorious Bodies to meet Jesus our Beloved Lord and King in the Air.
I sure HOPE we do !!!  What a Glorious Moment it will be.
I have been comforted by the countless you tubes on peoples’ thoughts on the Rapture being this coming week.
I have been asking the Lord for some confirmation.  One question I asked Him last week was if He would be kind enough to let me know if we are going to sense in our spirits the upcoming Rapture.  I want us ALL to know, that we know, that we know beforehand the Rapture is about to occur.
So this is what happened after I made my request be made known unto God.
I went to a friend’s house for a neighborhood meeting for a block yard sale.  One of the neighbors is saved and I had some good fellowship with her.  As she was leaving, we hugged and I told her Jesus is coming very soon.  She told me she could see the signs of His Near approaching.  Right then, behind the house across the street fell a beautiful big bright blue shooting star!  It seemed as if it was moving fast and slow at the same time, so that I could relish the view.  It traveled from east to west in a diagonal way.
I truly relished the moment and wondered if it was a SIGN from God regarding my prayer request.
The following day, I watched the movie “Evan Almighty”...a modern take on Noah’s Ark.  Cute movie.  Here was the clincher for me.  Once the animals and family were in the Ark, with no visible outward sign of rain or that the flood was going to come, Evan suddenly felt ‘something big was about to happen’.  He could feel it inside him.  Then the animals began to lay down as if they too knew something was about to happen.
When Washington DC experienced their earthquake a few weeks back, there were reports of how the birds and animals at the National Zoo gathered close to each other before the earthquake occurred.
So maybe, just MAYBE filled with HOPE, Glorious Hope, we will get an inward confirmation in our spirit right before the Rapture, time as we know it is definitely up.
Wouldn’t that be something, Doves !!  For all of us to really KNOW in our spirits without a shadow of a doubt that the Rapture is about to take place ?
For now, we have all the compelling outward evidence that makes perfectly good sense why this coming week could definitely be the day & hour we have been watching for !!
Per Jimmy Lishman’s scripture of the day:

Rev 3:3 Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.

Hope to meet all of you in the clouds very soon on our way to meet King JESUS in the Air!

Carol G