Bruce Baber (3 Sep 2011)
"Life in the Millennium.... Everyday miracles"

Not long ago I wrote a short book titled "The Crack in the Door".  It is a fictional book about a family split by time.  Part of the family lives in the millennium and the other part lives in the terrible days before the Second Coming.  One of the smaller facets of the book compares the lifestyles of those characters.
For the people living in the millennium, small miracles are a part of normal everyday life.  Occasionally, large ones are too.  Just imagine the miracles that Elijah experienced scaled down so that one of the characters calls down a little fire just to light the fireplace, or has a teapot that never runs out of tea.  Also imagine that if Balaam's donkey could speak then why not the animals during the millennium as well.  Lots of other examples come to mind.

That's a little bit of what I imagine that life could be like during the reign of Christ.  Everyday miracles!  Maybe I have too much imagination, but who knows?  Maybe that is what life will really be like.

I don't suppose I'll ever see my book go to print.  Time is probably too short.  But, it is fun to imagine what life in the millennium will be like, isn't it?



Bruce Baber