Bonnie M (3 Sep 2011)
"Re: Randy - Distractions of This Life"

My prayer also is to be found worthy to escape all things which are about
to befall this earth.

Per the distractions of this life I am in a situation where the issues of
this life may be consider by some to be overwhelming.

Currently we are living on a number of acres out in the middle of rural
America.  I am fully aware of the recommendation of some survivalists that
my family is in an optimal place (logistically) when everything starts to
fall about.  We have a vegetable garden, pasture, water and room to raise
livestock.  People close by have solar panels (are Believers) and have
verbally told neighbors if push comes to shove we all can count on them
for any thing which may require energy.

It was necessary for us to sell and we now have a firm accepted offer.  I
prayed continually over this and feel peace in the upcoming sale.  Others
ask if we are making a wise decision.  The buyers are people from a large
city (within 500 miles) and just want to forget they ever lived there.
They are young, no children and are in too all the toys and preceived
status of being able to live in the country without having to farm or
count on the land.  In my spirit I know God sent this young couple to us -
He wants them to have this property so they will be safe (have a place to
go) when the period is placed on "the end of this age".

We have just had an offer accepted on a home in a mid-sized city some
distance away.  It is my "dream" home; but has nothing which would make it
of any particular value at the end (IMO).  The seller's are people who
have a place out in the country with acreage and setup for critters.  In
my spirit, I know these people also are being redirected by God to a place
where they will be safe.

I have no idea where these people are with their relationship with Jesus,
this is just what I feel in my heart.

Good news for me - that means I won't have to worry about those things in
the future (that is my prayer).  I truly believe God is now in the final
stage of getting everyone where He wants them to be, not only in relation
to Him, but location wise.

Your Sister in Christ - Bonnie M.