Bob Ware (29 Sep 2011)
"TO Bruce Warner RE: 10.7.2011 + 1260 days"

I have a file in excel where I have the days numbered from about 140 different historical events. I had March 20th 2015 marked with a black background. I only do this to dates that are connected to 'bad news'.
March 20th 2015 will be 2801 days since the stock market peaked at $14,000.41. 2801 is the gematria of 'crucify' in John 19:15 "But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar."
        The 1441st day of the current Jewish calendar cycle was 9.11.2001.
March 20th 2015 will be 113 x 276 days since the 10.29.1929 stock market crash.
        79 is the first corner of the 'Prime Cube'.
        The 79th element is gold and it has 276 elementary particles (79 protons + 118 neutrons + 79 electrons). 
        79 is the 23rd prime number and 276 is the 23rd triangle number.
        276 were saved in Paul's shipwreck.
        113 is the first point of the 'Prime Cross'.
March 20th 2015 will be 6 x 881 days since Ariel Sharon visited the Temple mount.
        881 is the 153rd prime number, center of the 'Prime List' and the last point of the 'Prime Cross'.
        881 is the 43rd number within the 'Prime Cube' and Obama is the 43rd different President.
March 20th 2015 will be 8 x 467 days since the earthquake and tsunami that killed approximately 240,000 people on 12.26.2004.
        467 is the center of the 'Prime Cross'.
        467 is the sum of three different gematrias for 'God' (86 Hebrew + 99 prime + 282 ASCII).
March 20th 2015 will be 31 x 793 days since the U.N. voted for the partition of Israel on 11.29.1947.
        793 is the English gematria for 'BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'.
        Obama's name falls at the third position on the 31st row of the 'Prime List' (on the last point of the cross).
Please review the 'Prime List' chart attached to my last post: