Barry Amundsen (5 Sep 2011)
"Jews not looking for messiah?"

Thanks Sherry,
Wow, you really are going away from the traditional interpretations of last days prophecy. So you don't think that the Jews will look at the Antichrist as their long awaited messiah? And you don't think that the Jews are even looking for their Messiah? (I don't even want to open this can of worms here because I have not looked into this and really don't know much about it) but to address your point about how today's Jews are mostly atheists or agnostics etc. I would at least mention that there is a position that says most of what are called "Jews" today (and I assume the ones of whom you speak) are in fact Edomites, of Esau's line (i.e. King Herod) and not Jews at all. But that in no way does away with the fact that true Jews are still alive and well and looking for their Messiah. You asked where it says in the Bible that the Jews will accept the AC as their messiah?
How about when Jesus says:
John 5:
 43.  I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
As for the miracles that the Bible says the AC and false prophet will be associated with, I think they will be real, obvious, impressive miracles, not just winning a Nobel prize for not doing anything. These miracles prophesied about are going to be so good that if possible they would deceive the very elect. I think there are fallen angels and demons and human/fallen-angel hybrids coming and that maybe AC could even be one of these sort, as Tom Horn suggests because of the description of Nimrod and how he "began to be" different than mere mortal human. These things would be extraordinary and are not yet happening in today's seen world at least not out in the open. I believe that when the actual 70th week of Daniel begins then these things will be happening and will be obvious. But thank God, we will be kept from that hour by being raptured out of here before it can begin. Time will tell.