Barry Amundsen (1 Sep 2011)
"Sherry Vance, previous temple had little support as well..."

Thank you for answering my statements challenging your position of a spiritual temple fulfilment of Daniel etc. I wish to address your argument that there will not be the building of a physical temple in Israel where you said:
...But that alone does not make it so. There is no urgency, indeed no real call by the majority of Israeli Jews, for the Temple to be built in Israel...
I would respond by reminding you that the last temple was built the same way that you just described. That is, there was also no great mass of support behind the construction of the walls of the city or of the temple but two men, Ezra and Nehemiah over an extended period led a very meager band of workers against huge opposition and very bad odds. Even when it was finally completed the older men wept because it was nothing compared to the former temple. There is a prophecy of the next temple being right next to that profane place (Dome of the Rock)
[Ezekiel 42:20.  He measured it by the four sides: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place.]
and I see every reason to believe that it will be fulfilled physically as simply stated. And indeed there is evidence that this could happen because there is evidence that the temple could be constructed on its old foundation right up next to the dome and the two exist side by side.
Another point that I am not clear on with your position, (that we are now in the 70th week and almost to the half way point), is that I thought that there must be a period of time in which the Jews accept Antichrist as messiah and during which he and or the false prophet are doing miracles and deceiving everyone. This is traditionally seen as the first half of the tribulation (or first half of the 70th week, which you say we are in now) yet none of these things are happening now and you say this period is almost over? When does the AC have time to fulfil these things (be seen as peace maker and savior of the world as well as Jewish messiah) and still later become the obviously evil one too? Is Obama the Jews' Messiah now or doing miracles? I may just not know exactly what it is you think about these things but I'd like to understand.
Myself, I just think we are not yet in the 70th week and will not enter it at all but that it will come with the rapture and a complete and obvious change in the dispensation just as in history past. Can you think of one example of a change in dispensation that was hidden and silent, or are they always with great and obvious signs and changes in everything? Such as a casting from the garden or a global flood or the exodus and giving of the law etc. The rapture will change everything on earth like has not been seen since there was a nation, in my view. Those who miss it will know that they have missed it and will know that they are in the 70th week. Then the faithful to Christ will be killed for their faith while Israel sees the AC as their messiah for the first half. Once he becomes exposed as of the devil they will only then see their error and turn to the true Jesus Christ.
I have never gotten too dogmatic about these things but have watched over the years for any possible explanation that is better than what I have understood and in conclusion I still think the above is the most sound. One of the points that must be taken into consideration is when someone presents a date that they believe something must happen by according to their understanding of the times, and that date does not produce the predicted outcome, then the rest of their research will suffer the fallout of this and their credibility has been damaged to some extent. Invariably these usually come up with reasons why their date failed and they want to be given the same weight of authority for new predictions that they once claimed with more ease. We all must decide what we will hold to and what to pass on. I am still willing to hear your answers because if there is reason to see it from your perspective then I'd like to know what it is. But so far the stated things are still obstacles for me.
Looking forward to your response,