Ann Campbell (8 Sep 2011)
"Reply to Lynn's letter on Sept 7"

I enjoy reading the letters on 5 Doves.  This is my first time writing but I felt compelled to reply to Lynn's letter posted on Sept 7.
Lynn and others, I found this one page PDF that basically provides those left behind with a quick synopsis of what to expect during the tribulation.  I too, am concerned about my unequally yoked spouse and have given it over to the Lord. I send him links to various videos, etc., but I don't think he believes anything is going to happen.  I know that we need to be ready at all times, as it is not a guarantee we will be alive to see the rapture, especially with the uptick in violence and natural disasters.  I believe we are in the end times but also pray for those unsaved that they may see the light, repent, and join us in life everlasting.  I'm thinking about composing an email for my other friends and acquaintances to perhaps help them connect the dots.  I think so many are not getting 'fed' spiritually at church and reading the mainstream news would not give one the insight into prophetic events as one who has been immersed in the word of God.  I know that the current church that I attend has never read from the book of Revelation nor mentioned the word rapture. I am blessed to have had a father who was spirit filled and very tuned into studying prophecy and I am blessed to have previously attended churches that were preaching on prophecy.  I live in a small community and have limited church options but I am blessed that I have Internet access to sites such as this and many others where I can keep up to date on how close we truly are to being with our Heavenly Father for ETERNITY.

Anyways, here is a link to the one page synopsis of what to expect during the tribulation.

Welcome to the Doves, Ann!