Amy VanGerpen (6 Sep 2011)
"RE: Christina "Blood Red Moon""

Hi Christina,

I noticed that you said you live in West Texas.  I am guessing the moon looks red because of the forest fires going on in the drought stricken south central U.S.  Smoke from forest fires as well as volcanic ash can make the moon look blood red.  It was interesting when I was in Israel in June.  I witnessed the lunar eclipse while we were in Galilee, which looks blood red of course.  But the first night in Jerusalem, a few days after the eclipse, the moon was a brilliant red color looking out over Bethlehem.  I found out after we got back from our trip that a volcano went off in Africa, which is what caused the moon to look that way.  I included a picture of it in the attachment.

Amy Van Gerpen

(5 Sep 2011)

"Blood Red Moon ?????"

 Hi Doves,  (Sat. 9/3/11)
I live in West Texas and my daughter called me up at 11:55 at night and told me to go outside and look at the Moon that it was blood red. So, I  go out there and, it wasn't a full moon, half I guess, but it was dark blood
 red,, I have NEVER seen one like that.  Maybe I have been asleep before and just missed it I guess. But in all my life I have never seen one like that, ever!!
(Sun was making it do that or something?) I don't  know. I don't know but it just creeped me out~!  Dark blood red. Never seen that before.
May the Lord come soon!!