Amy VanGerpen (1 Sep 2011)
"RE: spiritual temple vs. physical rebuilt temple"

From Sherry Vance's post on August 31:
Barry, to say "God will allow man to once again try to keep the law and do the temple sacrifices as in the Old Testament to finally demonstrate their need for Jesus when they see their inability to keep it and they will finally look on Him whom they have pierced etc." is not the purpose of the great tribulation!  He's done with the physical temple and re-instituting animal sacrifices!  It's clear that the temple is now a spiritual temple not made with hands and that we worship in spirit and in truth.  God is going to bring Israel to her knees to cause her to realize her rejection of her God and to acknowledge they are doomed without Him.  When Israel cries out to her One True and Living God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob, THEN will God answer and show mercy and send His Son from Heaven to save her and redeem her.  It's THEN they will look upon Him "the second time" (because He visited them a FIRST time) and they will mourn in their  recognition and realization that He was and is their True Messiah.
God is not done with using a physical temple or animal sacrifices.  A good portion of Ezekiel chapters 40-48 are dedicated to the Millennial Temple (a physical building with measurements) and re-institution of the sacrifices.  Here is what I say in my "Millennium" study on this:
The purpose for the sacrifices in the Millennium is thought to be commemorative of the sacrificial work that Christ did on the cross, since the sacrifices will no longer be needed as a covering for sin, because His work is done.
During the Millennium, people will not be desensitized by death and violence as we are today. Sacrificing animals will likely serve as a stark picture of the penalty Christ paid for us by dying for our sins. Another reason could go back to the Old Testament sacrifices, where they sacrificed as an admission of their fallen state, as they were required to give sin offerings after offences.
I guess I'm a literalist when it comes to these things.  I believe that when Jesus said to recall the prophecy of Daniel, which had already been fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes, that it literally means that the same thing will happen; that the antichrist will defile a literal temple.  I don't see the need to spiritualize it, especially since the Temple Institute is rippin' and rearin' to go to put one up. 
We are also told that John measure the temple in Revelation 11.  I've read a post recently that tried to spiritualize that away as well.  I really think we do a disservice to scripture when we spiritualize or try to use human reasoning to change something that should clearly be taken literally.  I follow Bible teacher Dr David L. Cooper's "Golden Rule of Interpretation", which states:

"When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context , studied in the light of related passages and axiomatic and fundamental truths, indicate clearly otherwise."

To add to this, history tells us that fulfilled prophecy thus far has been fulfilled literally. Therefore, there is no reason to take future prophecy in anything other than the literal sense. Taking it in a symbolic way becomes highly variable to each individual reader, but a literal fulfillment can be read the same way by everyone. There is no confusion if we are all on the same page.
I think the issue that some are having is trying to figure out why Israel would build a temple.  As I explain in my "Great Middle East War" study, the scriptures show that Israel will have a spiritual revival after that war.  I also believe that war will directly lead to the confirming of the covenant in Daniel.  Here is the link for that study:
The parallel passages pertaining to the spiritual revival of Israel are on page 3.
Amy Van Gerpen