Amanda (7 Sep 2011)
"words from the Lord (#29 day of departure), a dream"

Hello all,

Last night, September 5th, I asked the Lord for a dream with an Angel in it to confirm something rapture related in it.  I know we all are asking Him and are either having these dreams or begging for one!  Last night I woke up from my dream and was thinking I don't remember any kind of messages from Him and then I fell back asleep.  I awoke another time thinking about it again and I felt He nudged to me "29, day of departure".  Could it be this Sept. 29th (wow...Rosh Hashanna!)  Also a few weeks back I was eating take out chicken wings and on the box was markered the #29.  I felt like it jumped out at me too and meant something.  After He nudged the #29, I fell asleep to dreaming about hearing on the news great disasters were happening.  I remember saying to my husband, Jesus is coming and that's why they are coming closer.  In my dream there was a disaster (earthquake, etc.) every day.   I remember explaining to him its the birth pains, they will come closer and closer until the rapture.  So truly things are going to get shaky until He takes us home.   

I did ask the Lord a few days ago of something that will happen right before the rapture, His response "mighty quake".  Its beginning to feel really REAL like its this month!  From reading Sabrina's words from the Lord, He told her to stop planning for the end of the year!

Wow is all I can say...a little scared but very ready!

p.s.  This is just something I wanted to mention but lately almost every night I fall asleep and have very demonic, scary intense, violent dreams.  I'm feeling attacked from every angle.  I usually do not get these dreams every night.  Some feel from satan himself and some feel like warnings from the Lord.  

Have a great rest of your week,