1 Cor 10:31 (8 Sep 2011)
"For the record though....."

Hey again gang..... even though I just wrote that other letter (re to Randy & Lisa) ~ I just wanted to make it clear that ~ even though I have trouble believing the rapture may fit right into Rosh Hoshana of this year ~ or any date when MANY are expecting it to be.....
but even so, I did want to, once again, state with absolute certainty that I believe the Lord will be calling up His abiding-in-the-Vine saints SUPER soon!!!
Nicole ~ funny that same thought (when I first read the news story about the US postal service shutting down) ~ that occurred to me as well!!  How we've just taken for granted, over the years, that the mail service would run "no matter what"!!  And now??  Well, anyway, I thought that, too -- how, during the terrible times of the Trib -- think any Hallmark cards are going to be making their way to people?   Very likely ~ no mail service at all during the Trib!!
Also I just got an email from a friend's DH who is going to work ~ hopes to work for "7 to 10 years" and then retire.   UGH.... you just want to shake 'em ~ no matter what you say, it's like they just do not GET it!!    Why, why, why?   Oh, don't take me wrong, I'm glad he will have work "until" the rapture.
Maybe we can see & others can't ~  in part b/c we are "professional watchers" ~ we know & see what is going on in the world -- comparing it to Scripture, thus we can discern it is time.
And last night, another friend spoke of who he hopes to help get elected into the White House this next election.....
So at any rate, my point is ~ though I am "trying" (my best anyway!  hahha) ~ to "continue life as normal" ~ yet, for the life of me, I just cannot see "as far out" as these people can.
Honestly?  I do not think the U.S. will even HAVE *any more* elections!!!  I think this last one was it!!!   It was USA = RIP on Nov. 3, 2008.... as half in this country CHOSE.... that they'd prefer to have the AC running this country!
Soon after the rapture -- there will be an announcement that there will be NO MORE elections here..... part of what will most likely throw this country into civil war, IMO.
Anyway, whether the rapture is this month OR NOT........ it just bound to be super soon!!   Amen!! Even so, COME Lord Jesus!!!
And "professional watchers" or not ~ we've still got work to do!!   REDEEMING THE TIME!!!   {what are we doing sitting here at our computers??!!   <--- preaching more to self than anybody!}