Ray (31 Oct 2021)
"The false prophet"

John and Doves,

The closer we are to rapture, the more I am leaning toward Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as the king of the south and the false prophet in Revelation 13 if he succeeds his father and becomes Saudi king in near future.

After the battle with the king of the north AC the Pope, he may convert into Catholic, and forces his people and all those in middle East to worship the Pope. For those who won't, he will have them killed ( Revelation 13:15-17 ). His cruelty already speaks of his future role.

The false prophet has two horns, speaks like a dragon. The two horns represent Sunni and Shiite. He speaks like a dragon. Dragon is Satan.  The Allah they believe is Satan himself. The false prophet speaks like a dragon because he quotes words from Quran which is sourced from the dragon / Satan.

The Pope doesn't speak like a dragon,or teaches any words from the dragon. He quotes words from the Bible. So the Pope can't be the false prophet.

Muslims today doesn't know Jesus and recognize him as Son of God. Good news is mutil millions of Muslims shall come to Jesus in the second half of tribulation, and refuses the mark of the beast imposed by the false prophet, even to their death. God hasn't forgotten these Muslims.