Laura Sheller (31 Oct 2021)
"Lights out"

Good day!

I’m wanting  to share with you an experience that I had back in 2017, when I first stumbled upon your website, and get your thoughts on it if I could. 

One early spring morning, upon waking, before even opening my eyes, I heard in my spirit, “Lights out 815”. Ever since I heard that I have been searching and praying to the Lord to give me understanding. I wondered if 815 was a date, and if so on which calendar? Or was it related to an hour of the day? Well just two days ago, I believe that my prayers were answered. 

I had seen a video on YouTube from one of my subscriptions about numbers hidden in movies and the occult.  One of the numbers mentioned was 815, specifically on a clock as in 8:15. According to the presenter, 8:15am was the time that the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima!  The date was August 6, 1945. 

This got me thinking, how many years has it been since the bomb was dropped? Well, 2021 is the 76th anniversary which makes 2022 the 77th anniversary!  I have read before that the number 77 is very significant to masons  in that it relates to Lamechs revenge of seventy and sevenfold found in Gen. 4:24. 
Also the numerological date,
August 6, 2022 works out to be 666, when you take into account that August was considered the 6th month on the ancient Roman calendar:
August 6, 2022
   (6)    (6) (6)
My thinking is that maybe the masons have planned an EMP lights out event for that date and that we should be preparing for that. I hope I am wrong, but I feel like it is a warning from God.

 I should also mention as well other words that I heard in my spirit in 2017. The first one was “Bow down today for most of you the world is slipping away” as well as “Ground Zero Venezuela” (inflation?) and “Subduction zone 12”(earthquake?).

I am really looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on my experiences and ask that you please pray for discernment.

Your sister in Christ,

Laura Sostad