John B (31 Oct 2021)
"Check this out – Solar storm: NASA warns ‘significant’ flare set to batter Earth: ‘Direct hit on Halloween"

Looks to me like NASA....... which I have long called ...... the National Advancement of the Satanic Agenda is already trying to put a “full spin” on what they believe may very well happen on Halloween (Hail Satan Day)....... as God orchestrates a Sodom and Gomorrah event on some prime real estate in Italy and then may accent that (so to speak)  when the La Palma volcano blows it’s top and is cast into the sea on that very same day per a possible interesting correlation in  Revelation 18:21    Tic Tock....This NASA article came out today.... Friday, we have two days before the fire and brimstone may fall from the sky.
If this happens as per Revelation 18 and Rome is destroyed and NASA then tries to make the world believe that this “divine retribution event” was caused by ”a very focused” solar flare or some other solar BS........then I fully expect all the same people who are in a demonic trance or a global psychosis that have taken the poison vaccines will undoubtedly just nod their heads like zombies and swallow the NASA story line........... hook, line and a very big (make me gag) sinker.
I can see the headlines now............ Rome, The Vatican and the G20 Heads of State incinerated by a rare but very focused solar flare. These world leaders, these victims all just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
And........ this solar flare also caused the La Palma volcano (the island perhaps) to explode casting huge rocks or sections of the island into the sea. Repercussions from that event and the locations of damage unknown at this point. In my mind it would be relative big a millstone will the angel cast into the sea?  verse 21
I have spent 71 years now waiting for God to engage with Satan in an extremely tangible way that is irrefutable and that everyone on earth can (or should) recognize as......this is from God above. It may be only a hours away before this concept becomes reality. Sooner or later all the prophecy becomes “present reality”.........maybe Sunday’s reality will be earth shattering.
Solar storm: NASA warns ‘significant’ flare set to batter Earth: ‘Direct hit on Halloween’ – Investment Watch