John B (31 Oct 2021)
"A Convergence of Prophetic Events Happening this Coming Halloween Weekend ????????"

Are we looking at a huge convergence of prophetic events landing or being fulfilled on the weekend of October 30-31 2021?  I believe so.....

And by the time you read this when John post’s it on Sunday....... Rome and the Vatican may already have been destroyed with extreme predacious by Almighty God..... A city ravaged even greater than Sodom and Gomorrah. See the explanation of that and several other prophecies below...


It appears that..... after doing the math (which many have done) that God's two end time witnesses may very well arrive on the world stage this coming Luciferian / Halloween weekend. If this arrival does happen it would (IMHO) mark the onset of the 7 year tribulation period.


As per scripture.........The two witnesses 1260 day ministry runs almost concurrently with the first half of the antichrist's ministry. So then, that being the case.........we could also expect the soon arrival of the first beast or the antichrist on the world stage as well.


What else?


Well Zechariah 11 informs us that when the two witnesses do arrive it seemingly prompts the “dismissal” at that point of 3 religious shepherds. In this case those 3 religious shepherds are I believe.... 3 popes. Wait you say.....there aren't 3 popes. Technically there are...... we have Francis, Benedict........ and John Paul II whose body has been kept viable in a cryogenic chamber in the bowels of the Vatican since his demise. Why would the RCC (whose hierarchy are from the synagogue of Satan) preserve this body over all these years unless they knew that some day the preserved corpse would be of use to them?


With this in mind.........Lets plug two prophecies from Revelation 17 into this preserved corpse reality.


First..... as per Revelation 17:8 an entity from the bottomless pit who was alive and died........ will to the great marvel of all mankind......... reappear yet again upon the world stage.

Second...if one then answers the riddle God gave us in Revelation 17:9-11 as to the identity of a particular king within the context of that chapter of scripture dedicated and focused on the kings of the RCC.......then the answer to this riddle of the sixth king who becomes the eighth king or the identity of that king, that sixth king, is John Paul II.....tagged by scripture to become the eighth king and have his body indwelled by a spirit from the bottomless pit and then to become the demonically / Satanically controlled first beast....... the world coined as, the antichrist.


But you say.....Francis is already the eighth king. But was he the sixth king as scripture has mandated? No!! Then obviously he is a false illegitimate king isn't he!!

Francis, as it has been well documented was inserted into that role by the same “deep state” operatives.........the same gang that are now trying to take control of the whole world. Benedict was merely pushed aside by the Luciferian cabal inserting Francis who has constantly since taking office pushed anti biblical theology and the new world order agenda. He broke much new ground for the coming Luciferian agenda under the antichrist.


When and how will these 3 popes (shepherds) be dismissed by God, who He loathes ….. as is stated in Zechariah 11:8?


Well that brings up another huge prophecy that may well be fulfilled this same coming demonic Halloween weekend......that being....Revelation 18.....the destruction of Rome.....the prophetic city of “Babylon the Great” as is widely depicted in Revelation 17.


Scripture adamantly warns all who will listen, all who will read, the severe warning in Revelation 18:4-8 to leave that city (Rome)...that religion (the RCC).....and that satanically controlled world wide organization.......or face destruction.....both physically and spiritually.


Who destroys the city, Rome?

As per Revelation 18 it will be destroyed by an angel of fire, in one hours was Sodom and Gomorrah. The scripture passage also speaks to all the kings of the earth who have committed fornication with her (city and religion) indicating that they as well will be dealt with.


Again with this in mind.........where are all the G20 nations (with their luciferian loyal leaders, including Biden) meeting this Halloween weekend? Rome


I fully expect that Rome will be destroyed with extreme righteous anger and wrath this coming weekend (October 30-31) by an angel of God.... with fire and brimstone.... in a manor replicating Sodom and Gomorrah (or worse). Destruction which is graphically and vividly described in Revelation 18.


If this happens....... it will fulfill the 3 popes being “dismissed” orchestrated or caused by Rome's destruction and will also in a massive way signal the onset (start) of the 7 year tribulation period described throughout scripture. This will be God Almighty firing the initial massive volley signaling the start or kick-off of the end times.


To reinforce what I just proposed.... here below is an excerpt posted last week by Hemi on the 5Doves site which greatly adds and seemingly agrees with this pending scenario.... He said....


I understand the Zohar is  not part of the Bible,, but check this out.

In the Zohar chapter 480, it mentions year 73. Could that be the 73rd year of Israel being a nation? 1948-2021.


In the 73rd year, THAT IS, SEVEN YEARS AFTER MESSIAH BEN JOSEPH WAS REVEALED, all the kings of the world shall assemble in the great city of Rome. And the Holy One, blessed be He, will shower fire and hail and meteoric stones upon them, until they are wiped out from the world. And only those kings who did not go to Rome will remain in the world. And they shall return and wage other wars. During this time, the King Messiah (antichrist) will declare himself throughout the whole world, and many nations will gather around him together with many armies from all corners of the world. And all the children of Yisrael will assemble together in their places.

Note...I added the word antichrist after the title King Messiah and highlighted some of the text



So.....Out of the dust of the destruction of Rome I expect the cryogenically preserved shell of John Paul II....... indwelled by a demon from the bottomless pit..... to then (after Rome's destruction) arrive on the world stage with answers and comfort for a beyond shocked and terrified world. Remember he was once a highly beloved world figure. I believe he will some how “spin” how Rome was destroyed to negate it being done by God's wrath.....wrath for the centuries of horrific aberrant behavior by the RCC against God / Jesus, biblical truths and untold millions of true Christians and Jews that were butchered at the hands of the RCC.


He, the antichrist, will I believe, display (as the bible states) all manors of lying signs and wonders in his effort to calm (but greatly deceive) the world. Chances are that he will at some point also have the false virgin Mary, not the biblical Mary, but a false un-biblical Mary created over the centuries by the RCC at his side to much further the great deception. As this false Mary is beloved even well beyond Jesus among the great factions of the world's population.....thanks to the false teachings of the RCC.


Zechariah 11 says that he (who I believe is John Paul II, a demonic clone) will be a foolish shepherd, a worthless shepherd, who will then leave his affiliation that he had with the Roman Catholic Church. To go where? To affiliate with who?


Well... in chapter 11 of Daniel the prophet, Daniel says of this beast, that he will then..... after abandoning / divorcing himself from the RCC...... take up or form a confederation with....a god of fortresses, a foreign god, a god which his fathers (humanity) did not know. Basically what I believe is being portrayed here is that this beast, this antichrist, forms a confederation with alien forces. Not alien from a far reaching galaxy but fallen angel demonic UFO forces that are here and have been here all along but have been restrained by The Holy Spirit...... but will become active in this 7 year tribulation period. We pretty much know these forces are massed in many places around the world especially Antarctica. And I believe they just built a large “one world religion” complex in Dubai …..will the antichrist hang his hat there as his headquarters? That part of the world is certainly a demonic stronghold and would be friendly to his cause.


Daniel says that this confederation of the antichrist and these (presumed) fallen angel UFO forces will act against the strongest military forces on earth....... and the earth's military forces will be no match for the antichrist / UFO confederation.

Daniel states it this way in verse 39....


...”Thus he (the antichrist) shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance in glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.”........



Unbeknownst to many (who seemingly are in a trance) the world powers have been completely teed-up for nuclear war on many many fronts now for weeks and months. Something huge would have to happen to prevent this Satan arranged nuclear holocaust from happening . I believe the huge event that will prevent nuclear war and set the world on it's backside...... cancel any teed-up nuclear exchanges.....will be this sudden massive destruction of Rome by heavenly forces.


Also we see another coming huge reality also teed-up...... that being, the last aspect of the destruction of Rome scripted in Revelation 18:21. It's where another angel casts a great stone like a millstone into the sea.

What is peculiar about a millstone......well, it’s a large rock that has a big hole in it's center. Gee what else is now front page world news that could be exactly relative or an perfect fit to this “millstone” bible verse? Could it be the La Palma volcano...... it's a huge stone with a big hole in it's center whose activity has been getting exponentially worse by the day......hundreds and hundreds of daily earthquakes seemingly signaling a possible gigantic explosion like Krakatoa.


Is it just me or are others in full alarm mode who see and discern the amazing similarity, the exact match perhaps, of what is scheduled for this coming weekend in Rome and also the events now happening in La Palma........ as to those two events seemingly now in direct correlation / alignment to God's prophecy?


Something else to Revelation 6 at the opening of the fifth seal Jesus is confronted by the souls (under the altar)........ souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they held concerning the word of God. So basically there are untold millions of souls from the time of Jesus to the present that appear to have just been awakened. They are now awake and extremely extremely mad and ask Jesus for revenge because they were brutally killed in horrific ways because they were “all in” for Jesus and would not compromise Jesus or the word of God over the last two centuries.


It's no secret and many books have been written about how the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries butchered in the most horrific of ways at least 60 million true Christians and Jews who would not bow a knee to Rome, the popes and their demonic non-biblical ways.


Add in the extreme pedophilia and child sex trafficking that the RCC has bathed themselves in over the centuries.... and yes......millions of souls are crying to Jesus for revenge.....extreme revenge. Jesus did not refuse these souls under the altar but told them they had to wait a little while longer until their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were was completed. Basically Jesus assured them He would avenge them but that they had to wait a little while.


Ok....... now for the connection, fast forward to Revelation 8 where we see a special angel, who came and stood at the altar which I believe is the same altar described in the fifth seal where millions of the saints of God demanded revenge for the blood they had shed on the behalf of Jesus and the word of God. This special angel (I say special because he was not one of the 7 trumpet angels in that passage) has a golden censer and he has much incense that he is to offer as the prayers (revenge requests) of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.

These requests / prayers and the smoke of the incense ascended before God from the angels hand. As if God was to put His blessing on what would happen next. And what happened next was....... the angel casting the censer filling with fire to earth along with thunderings, lightnings and an earthquake.


Where do you believe that censer full of fire landed on earth as a revenge request from the untold millions of saints huddled at the altar seeking revenge? Saints who were butchered in the last two centuries ? I believe I know the exact location of that fire retribution. Let's just say I don't believe the city of Rome and the Vatican are long for this earth......along with the G20 hierarchy including Joe Biden (or his clone).


Prepare yourself for Kamala Harris soon taking the reigns of power in the US.


Also do not look now for the removal of the church or what many call the rapture happening in the near future. The way I discern scripture, there will be a gathering by Jesus and His angels (as expressed in Matthew 24) a few days before the conclusion of the 1260 day ministry of the two witnesses. Then, we will be gathered on a special day known only to the Father (Matthew 24, Zechariah 14) and taken to the Father's house, or the Father's kingdom which at that time will not be in heaven but on earth near Jerusalem in the form of New Jerusalem.....just like Jesus told us when He gave us the Lords Prayer prayer.


Our Father who art in heaven

hallowed be thy name

Your kingdom come , your will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.


Once we are gathered (Matthew 24:31, 2Thessalonians 2:1-4) and taken by Jesus and His angels inside the Father's house.....a 1500 square mile enclosure (length, width and height) which Isaiah and many others refer to as a mountain because it's so large........ we will then follow the format, the foreshadowing, laid out in the book of Joshua where we cross into the promised land, pledge allegiance or covenant with Jesus by being formally marked as in being born again within the new river (Zechariah 14) that emanates from where Jesus was crucified. This new river contains the blood and the Spirit that Jesus deposited on the ground where He was crucified. We believers will immerse ourselves in this river which contains the essence of Jesus which will mark us as His bride. We, untold millions of us, will be given our white robs that were washed in the literal blood of Jesus as is depicted in Revelation 7:9-17 and we will stand before the throne and before the Lamb. A throne that now resides on earth not in heaven.


Again....As per the script / foreshadowing that Joshua followed...... the next day the untold millions of us will eat or feast. A huge party for the bride of Christ thrown by His Father in His Father's house. This party is formally known in scripture as..... The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


Note.... some other very pertinent facts... that in 1 Thessalonians 14 we see this very revealing scripture......”For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God (The Father) will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.”

This is a huge insight in the end time proceedings in that it depicts the souls of those who have accepted Jesus as savior as being asleep.....not running all over heaven. It depicts the Father coming to earth with His kingdom and bringing with Him the souls of those who Jesus has entrusted to Him.


So God the Father when He relocates His kingdom to earth (near but before) the midpoint of the 7 years.......He brings with Him inside His kingdom complex those who sleep in Jesus or what we would call the dead in Christ.

And Jesus and His angels (also near the end of the ministry of the two witnesses) gather the alive in Christ from all over the world to the Father's house or His new relocated kingdom, which is a huge enclosed complex located adjacent to Jerusalem and extending 1500 miles in length, width and height.


After Jesus arrives within the Father's house with the alive in Christ that He and His angels have gathered there, He does exactly to the dead in Christ (that His Father has brought to Him there) as He did to Lazarus in the Lazarus story line.

He shouts loudly to them as is depicted in 1 Thessalonians 4:16. After their awakening they join the alive in Christ to be formally born again in the new river which flows within the complex in the new valley that has been created there. Zechariah 14 describes all of this.


The two end time witnesses will also be there within the new enclosure days before their deaths in Jerusalem to formally witness the joining of the bride of Christ to Jesus. This happens when the bride is immersed within the holy river containing the actual blood and Spirit of Jesus......fulfilling what Jesus had uttered to Nicodemus........that unless one is born again of the water (containing Jesus's blood) and the Spirit then you cannot see or enter the kingdom of God.


Again as per the script of Joshua …..the day after the great feast, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, within the Father's house, the dead (now alive) in Christ will join the alive in Christ as the complete bride in Christ who all will have been formally born again and will that day be changed from mortal to immortal in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet when Jesus hearkens to them from above.


In doing this death will have been defeated....praise the Lord.    

Blessings Doves......John B


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