Garry B (31 Oct 2021)


The secret to knowing when  the resurrection/rapture of the Body of Christ Church will happen is revealed to us in the Book of Revelation IN  THE SEVEN  SEALS ( Rev 6:1 thru Rev 7:17 ).  The chronological end-time events of Seals #2, #3 , and #4   MUST ABSOLUTELY PRECEDE the events of Seal #6 which is the resurrection /rapture of His Church.  If we could know what the events are of Seals #2, #3,  and #4  we would then know what events to watch for, AS A SIGN , to occur immediately prior to the coming resurrection /rapture  of the Church. 

Seal #2 describes A WAR, Seal #3 describes the consequences of A WAR ,  and Seal #4 describes the results of A WAR. That WAR would be the prophetic future WAR upon Israel when Jesus opens seals #2, #3, and #4 which are His Great Tribulation judgment upon Israel just BEFORE THE RESURRECTION/RAPTURE of His Body of Christ Church according to the following Scriptures:

Ezekiel 38:16 , 18-19

"And thou shall come up against MY PEOPLE OF ISRAEL as a cloud to cover the land; IT SHALL BE IN THE LATTER DAYS,  and I WILL BRING THEE AGAINST MY LAND that the Gentiles may know Me when I shall be sanctified in thee,  O GOG,  before their eyes.............And it shall come to pass,  AT THE SAME TIME, when Gog shall come against the land of Israel .......Surely IN THAT DAY there shall be A GREAT SHAKING IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL."

The earthquake in Israel, spoken of here,  will happen in conjunction with the Gog-Magog War in Israel, and is the VERY SAME EARTHQUAKE spoken  of as the FIRST EVENT OF SEAL #6 according to:

Revelation 6:12

"And I beheld when He opened the 6th Seal  , and lo, THERE WAS A GREAT EARTHQUAKE."


Because the events of the seven seals occur in the chronological order ordained by God,  God's ordained Gog-Magog War of Great Tribulation judgment against Israel, as described in Seals #2, #3, and #4 ,  MUST ABSOLUTELY PRECEDE the resurrection/rapture of His Body of Christ Church as described in Seal #6.  AFTER the resurrection/rapture of the Church in Seal #6, the opening of Seal #7 BEGINS the Great Tribulation seven angel/trumpet judgments UPON THE WHOLE WORLD.  Therefore, we are to watch for the Gog-Magog War upon Israel as THE SIGN that our resurrection/rapture is near according to :

Luke 21:28

"When these things BEGIN TO HAPPEN ( in Israel ) look up and lift up  your heads because your redemption ( resurrection/rapture ) DRAWS  NEAR."

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !