Fay (31 Oct 2021)
"POWERFUL. Please Watch."


The short clip in the link has a run-time of just over 7 minutes. It is one of the most powerful clips I have seen regarding the power grab that is going on.

Neil Oliver (GB News) offers some incredible evidence that we are in an abusive relationship with our governments. Neil has said this before, and this new clip offers the evidence. The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, openly admitted that having the covid jab and subsequent booster jabs, does NOT protect you from catching the virus OR from passing it to others. This makes a nonsense out of the introduction of "vaccine passports". Neil talks about Israel - THE most vaccinated nation in the world. Israel is now preparing her people for their FOURTH booster jab !!! And, as he points out, it's the exact same jab as the first one - just more and more of it.

There is more shocking evidence of how this is a concerted, immoral power grab. Making this a Must Watch. For example - listen carefully to the information about NUDGE. And take note of the two most powerful companies in the world that own pretty much everything. We are ruled by psychopaths. No question of "conspiracy theory" nonsense about this information. Neil presents the stark facts.

PLEASE come, LORD Jesus.