Fay (31 Oct 2021)
"Watch this Latest Move.  Bruce and Barack."


Hi John and Doves,

This article has got to be the biggest load of drivel one has ever read. Dangerous drivel.

Obama has teamed up with Bruce Springstein to do a podcast...."Renegades; Born in the USA". Obama claims that Michelle urged him to spend more time with Bruce because "you don't realise how messed up you are". Huh! So "Guru" Bruce now has all the answers?

The details in the article are weirdly fascinating. Obama claims that things are happening and developing too fast for the majority of people - while the (woke?) minority are patiently waiting for big changes to hurry up and happen. He's trying to sugar coat the agenda he's desperate to push. But, it's the way he's doing it that reveals his true weakness. Obama honestly thinks that people will warm to the "great re-set, climate change, meat-free, genderless pile of plop, by putting out a podcast with Bruce Springstein. THIS tells me everything about this man. He is, quite frankly, clueless. I also believe this is another major move by Obama, to slither his way back onto the world stage. Obama will also be swaggering around Glasgow for the COP26 extravaganza - alongside the likes of Leonardo de Caprio, Bill Gates and world leaders.

It's like a cartoon show!