Elliot Hong (31 Oct 2021)
"Cheshvan 27, The Removal of The Restrainer and Tevet 10"

Dear Doves:

1) As it's written in Genesis 8:14-19, 8 people of Noah and his family came out of the Ark for the new beginning on Cheshvan 27.
    10 days from Cheshvan 17 to Cheshvan 27 can be matched with 10 days that 120 believers prayed for in the Upper Room.
    The Ark was built for 120 years, and 120 represents the Church Age.
    The coming out of the Ark can be compared to the birth from the womb.
    Thus it's possible that the Firstfruits will be birthed as the Church Age ends on this Cheshvan 27 which is 11/2 this year.
    11/2 in Israel is 11/1 in US.
    3:20pm when Kilauea erupted on 9/29 could represent Rev.3:20 and 1 Peter 3:20.
    It's 33 days from 9/29 to 11/1.
2) Genevieve received "The Midnight Cry" "On The Third Day You Will Rise" and "Obama Is Here" on 5/28 this year.
     I see 2 scenarios.

a. The midnight cry could be heard on this Halloween, then the birth will be on Cheshvan 27.
    13 years ago, the occultation of Antares of Scorpio occurred on Halloween of 2008.
    It was the sign for the appearnace of the evil.
    13 means Apostasy and Rebellion.
    It's 160 days from Super Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on 5/26 to this Halloween.  
    It's 144 days from Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/10 to this Halloween.

b. The midnight cry could be heard on Cheshvan 27, then the birth will be on 11/4.
     O was elected as the 44th President on 11/4, 13 years ago.
     It's 3 months from the 60th birthday of O to 11/4.
     Thus 11/4 could be the day for "The Removal of The Restrainer" as it's written in 2 Thessalonians 2:7. 
3) Genevieve also received "Forty Days!" from Gabriel on Mother's Day last year.
     Mother is related to the birth.
     If the Remnant(Firstfruits) will witness for 40 days from 11/4, it comes to Tevet 10 which is 12/14.
     According to this youtube of <step up>, Tevet 10 was the day when Esther was chosen as the Queen.
     It's 8 days from the last day of Hanukkah to Tevet 10(12/14).
     8 days of Hanukkah and 8 more days are designed to clean temples for those who couldn't be the Firstfruits.
     Thus 12/14 will be the last day to be the Bride of Christ.
     12 represnts New Jerusalem.
     14 means Salvation.

Hopefully this theory becomes a reality this time.