Derrick Drew (10 Oct 2021)
"A 7 day warning?"

Did we just recieve a 7 day warning?

Many watchers believe that those of us watching will know, or have a 7 day
warning before the rapture and sudden destruction.

I am goint to try my best to organize my thoughts because there are so many
that right now my mind is a jumbled mess with all this revelation.

Many in the watching community were looking at Oct 7/8 as the true feast of
Trumpets and potential rapture day.

There was even a timeline done by a brother Pyton in which all of the feast
days over the next 7 years lined up perfectly with this potential date, yet
it came and went.

How could such a perfect setup go bust? Or did it?
Dr. Barry Awe of Youtube had suggested that if (big if) this is a Jubilee year which only God really knows anyway, that the Feast of Trumpets could
be postponed 10 days since the Jubilee year was declared on Yom Kippur/Day
of Atonement instead.

This could have potential and the timeline suggested by Pyton could still
in fact work - Here is a possibility.

We could "technically" have just entered the time of tribulation without
feeling the effects of it. Don’t explode pre-tribulationists and hear me out because I am one too. 

What if God started the clock on Oct 7/Yom Teruah - but none of the fireworks will begin for another 10 days - therefore the church could technically encounter 10 days of tribulation, but still be raptured in a pre-tribulation rapture and be spared from any of the effects of the tribulation and be long gone before the antichrist arises?

I know this will raise the hackles of the strict dispensationalists out
there but have you ever wondered how God could promise to spare the church
prophetically fro tribulation in Revelation 3:10, while also telling the church prophetically that they will see 10 days of tribulation in Revelation 2:10 - this could reconcile both of those scriptures. It could also explain how the days are "cut short" since perhaps they are
cut off on the front end of the trib rather than on the back end.

Hey if we did enter the trib on Oct 7 (hypothetically) and the church is raptured 10 days later, you have to admit for the rest of the world (all
flesh) these 10 days ain't so bad compared to whats coming and the tribulation technically could have gotten 10 days shorter.

I'm not done yet- I'm getting to the 7 day warning.

We also know how God can sometimes use scheduled portions of scripture to
speak to us. Remember how in the one year bible on September 11th the passage of Isaiah 9:10 is there "The brcks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with

Johnathan Cahn brought this up in the Harbinger and explained all its meaning.

In these 10 days between October 7 and October 17, which would be the true
Yom Kippur/ Day of Atonement if we are accurate - in the one year Bible, where do we find ourselves?  Jeremiah weeping for his country about to face
judgement (hello America) and the New Testament portions of First and Second Thessalonians are read, some of the greatest passages dealing with the rapture, the removal of the Restrainer and the rising of the man of

But wait there's more.  I am a Hebrew student and read the Torah every Saturday along with the Torah cycle that is read in the synagogues.

Now since the traditional Jews celebrated thier Rosh Hashanna a month ago
they are already into the Bereshith/Genesis portions of the Torah.

Wait for this - guess what today, Saturday October 9th's Torah Portion is?

Parasha Noach (Noah)  Days of Noah anyone?

This portion opens up with Noah, a man "perfect in his generations" (some translate literally as perfect in his DNA) and we see so much talk today
about things that manipulate DNA.

Then we see the 7 day warning (coincidence that 7 days from today when this portion is read puts us right up on that potential October 17th date?)

Coincidentally- we see the date the 17th mentioned and it talks about the “second month” perhaps a clue that we are in the “second month” on the traditional Jewish calendar and it might be the 17th day on the gentile calendar. Maybe that’s a stretch but coincidence is not a kosher word as they say. 

Then the rest of the scripture portion for this week takes us through Genesis 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 so we see the Ark, the door closed, Noah and
family in safety, the judgement of the flood, then this portion closes out with the rise of Nimrod (type of antichrist) the tower of Babel (one world
beast system) and the generations of Shem leading to Abraham (God turning
His focus away from the nations back to Abraham/Israel) and thats where
this portion ends before next weeks portion focuses exclusively on Abraham.

Could this be God speaking to us about this time, this week, and giving us a 7 day warning for what is to come.

I have also had a couple of different dreams this week that I will not share because I feel like they might just be personal confirmation. 

I sure hope so - maranatha!
Your brother in Yeshua,
Derrick Drew