Dennis (31 Oct 2021)
"Lavatories In Heaven"

My comment on Gina and Fayís posts regarding our bodily functions once we are in Heaven.


For starters I am relieved that others have thought of this as well. Like Fayís comment of cleaning lavatories in heaven, I have joked similarly: ďIíll do whatever it takes, just let me in the door!Ē


So my family got a laugh out of it but thinking about it, I believe we will eat food in heaven for the pure enjoyment of doing so. It will be excellent food with no concern for calories or cholesterol.


We will be perfect beings in our new bodies and the food we consume will also be perfect heavenly food. I just donít see how waste can be produced.


My lingering question for the Doves: will we be vegetarians in heaven? I am a devoted carnivore now but in heaven I just canít envision slaughtering animals for our consumption.


If we are to be vegetarians, I am sure it will still be awesome and we wonít miss a thing, though pastor JD Farag might miss his prime rib 😊