Denis Hart (31 Oct 2021)
"Time to Watch the Second Hand"

Time to Watch the Second Hand (Resubmit with slight edits)

(He’ll be back any minute now)

Denis Hart  (previously 27 Oct 2011)

Watch, lest He come suddenly and unexpectedly and find you asleep.  Mark 13:36

I had (in 2011) two almost identical Pulsar watches - at first glance they look the same but there are some important differences.  I would like to illustrate the vital importance of watching by highlighting these differences, as follows: 

One has no second hand (I didn’t want a second hand watch!)

The better watch has luminous markers (12) and luminous hour and minute hands.

The better watch has days of the week as well as the date - and, quite surprisingly, includes Spanish as well as English days of the week.

The better watch is marked as water resistant to 50 metres.

So what does this mean for us Doves?

 I believe this highlights the difference between those Christians who are waiting - for the movement of the minute hand and those who are obeying the command/wisdom of the Lord to watch!  Many Christians will be caught out as the minute hand shifts suddenly to midnight - Jesus has called us to be watchers so that we will be ready and not be caught out.  The unfolding of His purposes may not always concur with what we expect or our timing, but as diligent watchers we are being obedient to Him.  The signs of His imminent return are all around us - and we can help others by highlighting that it is time to watch the second hand, emphasising that:.

The second hand is speeding up - there is an acceleration in events in the church, Israel and the world.  Through the unveiling of the Word of God in our hearts and prophecies, visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit we can understand the future path of events (future movements of the second hand).  

We will be able to see in the dark (discern the signs of the time) - while many Christians, including many leaders, may be overwhelmed by what is taking place in the world (noting that the second hand is not luminous - God always has some hidden mysteries!)

The Holy Spirit will show us signs - events, dates, days of the week and in our own languages - both globally and in our own environment, that are pointers to His soon return.  We can seek His wisdom to observe and interpret these signs.  For example, locally there is a ship stranded off New Zealand, leaking oil - the name of the ship is Rena (Hebrew for Melody) - an anagram of near (the Day of the Lord is near!).  And globally, Iran - a key country (Isaiah 13) - is an anagram of rain (the symbol of Noah’s Ark and highlighting the many floods in the world today).

And water resistance?  Many of the disasters today are caused by water (floods and tsunamis) .  The world typically blames God for these disasters, but we need to be water resistant - understanding that these events are prophesied as being part of the turbulent time just before His Return, while praying for those who are suffering.  The world overlooks ‘man made’ disasters including abortion and wars.

Five Doves:  for many of us, especially those who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, the Five Doves website has been an incredible source of information on ‘second hand movements’ - understanding daily and weekly what is going on in the world prophetically, with clues or jigsaw pieces from the Wordsigns in the church, Israel and the world and the inspiration and revelation of doves.  I for one, and all other doves, owe a debt of deep gratitude to John who has diligently, and with openness, managed and updated this website through such a long period (of watching!).    

Postscript:  Australian Rules - the final score

I could not finish this letter without referring to the final score in the Australian Rules grand final this year (on 1 October 2011), a score that points to 9 November.  My team (Geelong) won the 2011 premiership, adding to premierships in 2009 and 2007 - these following a 44 year drought.  In Oz Rules 6 points are awarded for a goal, and 1 for a behind.  The final score was Geelong CATS 18.11.119 to Collingwood’s 12.09.81.  Can God speak to us in football scores - I think the answer is sometimes yes, while at other times they may be ‘random’ numbers.  Read backwards the final score is as follows, and noting that CATS is an anagram of ACTS!

Geelong:  911.11 and 18 (2*9 or 6+6+6) to Collingwood 9*9 = 81 and 9 and 6+6

The 2011 AFL premiership is the last one won by the Geelong CATS team!!  Regardless of AFL scores, I do consider that the upcoming dates 9 to 11 November 21 are high watch dates!!  9.11.21 to 11.11.21 (as we write dates in Australia).

Denis in Canberra!!  Maranatha!