Chance (31 Oct 2021)
"War With China"

Hello John and Doves,
China is already at war with America.  But America hasn't woken up to this fact yet.  Maybe it will take military confrontation to wake the country up....  This will not fair well for the U.S. as our military has announced all war games have ended with China winning...massively. 
US will 'lose fast' in war with China, Air Force's simulation shows | American Military News
China Joe has done what Xi has wanted - and mandating the vaccine to our military will be the death of us.
"The US will definitely see the PLA show up at its doorstep in the not-too-distant future"...
Chinese state media vows military 'will show up at US doorstep' soon and 'China will win' | American Military News
China has told us Taiwan is a distraction...their primary goal is America.  They want our land for agriculture to feed their starving population and they want our infrastructure intact.  That means tactical nukes, limited bombing, with a ground invasion and they have already started the war with weaponized viruses and binary weapon vaccines...all part of China's plan to take over America.
"..the Chinese are very close to completing their takeover of this country.  They can almost taste it.  They will not be letting up the pressure....The more Americans know and understand what's going on the better our chances of fending off the assault on America.  The Chinese have no intention of giving up..."  The Chinese intend to "take full advantage before the 2022 elections."  The 2022 elections are in November.  There isn't much time left.
The Chinese Communist Takeover of America Is Well Underway
And pushing the 'Chinese/globalist binary weapon' 'vaccine' has been Biden's Job Number 1. 
Wonder what he traded the country for?
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!