Alexander (31 Oct 2021)
"The Four Horsemen"

Hello John,

I have been studying the four horsemen of Revelation 6 and have concluded that these horsemen are not actual people. Your reference for the white horse that the rider could be Napoleon. This is not possible. The horsemen are evil spirits which Christ; through the opening of the seal's, releases into the world. Up until the opening of each seal, these horses and riders are restrained. The first horse is white. There are no particular descriptions other than the colour here. The horse again is just a horse. However, there are references of angels being beasts with wings (cherub) and God Himself rides one. These cherubim's aren't the small baby like angels with tiny butterfly wings. Remember, God rode on one of these and did fly. Christ and His Saints ride white horses at His second coming. This could be a reference to "Pegasus" type animals or Angels (cherubim).

The actual passage reads:

And I saw, and behold a white horse: (now comes an explanation) and he that sat on him had a bow; (furthermore) and a crown was given unto him: (another explanation) and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The reference here to "a bow" is not of a weapon used by an archer. It is quite clear that this reference to a bow is the only translated reference used in the entire bible. It is a reference to a simple garment or fabric. If I were to say I saw a naked person with a bow about his neck, you wouldn't assume he had an archers bow for a necklace. You would correctly assume he was wearing a bow or "bow tie" about his neck. So, this rider in simple garb was given a crown. The crown is a symbol of authority to rule over peoples and nations. With this new "authority", he went forth conquering nations and to continue to conquer.

The white horse is the symbol of this evil spirit. The colour is significant. It is not referring to an actual animal. For example, the "pale Horse", in the Greek, the word for "pale" is chloros: green as in green grass, so the "horse" or symbol is green. This green horse has a rider who is "death" and "hell" follows. This rider has authority over a quarter of the worlds population and kills with the sword. This horse is Islam (sacred colour of Islam is green) and the rider, being death, is the characteristics of Islam. At this moment in time nearly 1 in 4 people on earth is Muslim. They kill with the sword (behead). The white horse is the colour associated with this evil spirit. The rider is a simple, non political entity: or is seen to be non political through the eyes of the world. I tend to believe this white horse is the U.N. (United Nations), which is portrayed as a non bias and non political peace keeping force. "Clothed in simple fabric - Garb (Bow)". However, the powers that be want the United Nations to have authority over the world as the New World Order: they are given a crown of authority to rule over peoples and nations. They then use this power and authority to go forth conquering the world through the One World Government and continue to conquer. 

The United nations symbol colour is white. The backing of the United Nations is the Pope (dresses in white), the Council on Foreign Relations (symbol is a rider on a white horse) These "entities" seem harmless, thus, they are draped in simple fabric "a bow" as that of a peasant in simple fabric to appear non threatening. They are then given a crown of authority when the push for the United nations to become the One World Governing Authority. As this new role comes to fruition, all sovereign countries will give up that sovereignty to the United Nations thus, they will conquer the world and remain so ( to continue to conquer)

I have ideas regarding the next 3 horses if you would be interested to know?