Mary (27 Oct 2019)
"Oct. 2019 - Alarming Catholic Controversy - people were worshipping idols in the Vatican gardens"

October 2019
Many Catholics are very upset
 about the Pope standing by
 as Catholics worship naked pagan idols
 while doing pagan rituals
 in the Vatican gardens 
during the October Amazon Synod. 
After the event, two or more Catholics sneaked into the building where the naked pagan statues were stored. They took them and carried them to the river, and then threw them in the river. 
The Pope was angry at those who took the statues but he has shown no concern about the act of worshipping the naked idol statues. 

The first link will give you an overview of what happened and in addition, it is the latest update about what happened.
More information:
When asked if the rituals are pagan, a Catholic man who came to the synod and who actually grew up in this pagan culture says, "Yes, this ritual was a pagan ritual." See the next video starting at 8 minutes and going to 10 minutes.

Below at least 2 Catholics sneak in
and take the naked statues used in the pagan rituals
and throw them in the river.
The Pope reacts...
Heavenly Father - 
Wake people up. 
We ask you to speak to them and get them to a place of being right with you. 
In Jesus' name we pray, Amen

Posted by Mary