F.M. Riley (27 Oct 2019)
"PART THREE: Daniel's 70 Weeks"

Daniel's 70 Weeks
Scripture by Scripture
& Word by Word As Needed
                                                                    By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                    October 20, 2019
     "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate," Daniel 9:27
     This study has ended up being a three part study, because there is so much to the subject that is commonly overlooked or ignored by many "prophecy teachers."  Any reader who did not receive the first two parts of the study on this subject, needs only to request them, and I will be glad to send them to you by either email or postal mail as you prefer.    
     Now let's get back into our study of the subject.......
Daniel 9:27
Personal Observations
     Dear readers, this inspired Scripture sets forth one of the most controversial and mis-interpreted Scriptures in all of God's prophetic Word.  Such should not be, but some today place more value on their own ideas and opinions, than they do on letting ".....God be true, but every man a liar....." Romans 3:4.  This inspired command is ignored by many today, in the haste to impress their opinions and theories upon others.  So  let's see what the Word itself actually says about this inspired prophecy.......
     Daniel 9:27 deals exclusively with the last, or 70th week of Gabriel's prophecy of the 70 weeks as prophesied in 9:24.
"And he..."  
     Both the Hebrew text and most of the English translations begin this Scripture with the conjunction; "And."  Check this truth out in your own Hebrew Bible.  
     Then it is obvious that a Roman "prince" being spoken about in 9:26, is still being spoken about in 9:27.  However, the fulfillment of the two Scriptures are separated by a space of nearly 2,000 years.  9:26 is speaking about events which occurred in 70 A.D., while 9:27 speaks about events which are yet to occur during the coming seven year Tribulation.
     Most certainly "prince Titus" is not the "he" in 9:27.  Yet the conjunction still connects the subject matter set forth in 9:26 with what is being stated in 9:27.  This presents a problem in the proper exegis of 9:27.  So what is the solution to this problem?  
     The reasonable explanation [Isaiah 1:18] is that these two Scriptures, 9:26 and 9:27, set forth a type and anti-type.  In simple language, "prince Titus" typified a future Roman "prince" [the anti-christI] who would come, during this final 70th week of Gabriel's prophecy.  This future "prince" is then the "he" being spoken about here in 9:27.  
     I feel sure that some reader will object to this explanation, by claiming that there is no Roman Empire in existence today.  No, not right at this minute, but there soon will be.......
The Restoration of the Roman Empire
     The future Roman Empire is a subject which is mostly ignored or overlooked today.  Yet it is quite real, and is in the process of being restored even as I write.
     In 1973, 72 years ago, the Club of Rome took a world map, and on that map divided the nations of the world into ten kingdoms.  Then they began working "behind the scences" in world politics, to make their dream for the future of mankind, become a reality.  Their followers are still working  today, to form a one-world government, which will oversee a restored Roman Empire composed of ten kingdoms.  
     But surely if this is true, then it would be mentioned in Goid''s Word!  It is!   Over and over again.  Where?  
     Right here in the Book of Daniel, it is prophesied three times.  See Daniel 7:7-8, 7:20, and 7:24.  Then in the Book of Revelation it is mentioned eight more times in six Scriptures.   See Rev. 12:3, 13:1, 17:3, 17:7, 17:12, and 17:16.  
     Satan and the anti-christ are going to accomplish restoring the Third Reich [Rome], which Adolph Hitler attempted to do, but was unable to do so.  The "ten kingdoms" of the Roman Empire, with the help of Satan and the anti-christ, will be established again, at or near the middle of the 70th week [seven year Tribulation], exactly as revealed in Revelation 12:3.  
     Now let's return to the exposition of our text; Daniel 9:27.  
"...shall confirm..."
     The word, "confirm" in this Scripture is a mis-translation.  The word in the Hebrew text is "gabar," which literally means to "strengthen."  See Strong's No. 1396.  Read correctly, two truths are clearly set forth here.......
     [1]    There will be a "covenant" already in existence for the anti-christ to "strengthen." .   
     [2]   This "covenant," as originally made has weaknesses in it which need to be corrected.   
"...the covenant..."   
      Learning the purpose for which the "covenant" was originally made, will tell us why it needs to be "strengthened."  
     Many of God's people for centuries have believed and taught that this "covenant" is a "peace treaty" between Israel and whatever nation or nations Israel will have been fighting.  Is there any reason to believe this teaching?   
      In centuries past, this was merely a guess on the part of those studying the prophecies in Daniel.  However, today we no longer have to guess about it.  As I write, there is a red hot war going on in the Middle East, and Israel is involved in it.  
     Both Russia and the United States are attempting to get this conflict stopped, as it is getting worse, and these major powers think it could lead to a Third World War.  The U.S., Russia, and also China, do not want such a war, so they are applying pressure to stop the war.  
     If the reader accepts God's Word as literal truth, this present war will SOON be brought to an end, and a "peace treaty" [covenant] will be signed between the warring parties.  
     We are not told in God's Word all the terms of this "covenant" of peace, but I suspect it will involved dividing the land of Israel to allow the  so-called "Palestinians" to establish their own country, Joel 3:2.  
     Then, at or just after, the rapture of New Testament believers has occurred, beginning the 70th week [the Tribulation] of Gabriel's prophecy, the anti-christ will step forward to "strengthen" this "covenant" [peace treaty].  
"...with many..."  
     The inspired Word does not explicitly state who the "many" are in this Scripture, but I suspect it will be the United Nations organization.  Since it involves a "peace treaty" with several nations involved, it would seem logical that it might be debated on, and approved by the world body of nations.  With the whole world body stamping their approval on it, this might be what gives Israel such assurance that they have a lasting peace, that
they begin to cry out, "Peace and safety," 1 Thess. 5:3.  
"...for one week..."
     This will be the length of time agreed upon in the "covenant."  This is a week of years; seven years, exactly corresponding with the seven year Tribulation, and with the 70th week of Gabriel's prophecy.  
      I remind our readers that the prophecy of Gabriel given to Daniel WAS NOT for 69 1/2 weeks; 486 1/2 years.  It was for a full 70 weeks; 490 years, 9:24.  The theory of the so-called 3 1/2 year tribulation is a blasphemous lie against the Lord and His Word.  As I wrote this, I couldn't help but think of Luke 16:10 and 1 Corinthians 5:6.  Read them for yourself.  
"...and in the midst of the week..."
     This statement clearly verifies the length of the "covenant," and the amount of time being spoken about in this Scripture.  Folks, a "week" is seven days in length.  Not longer, but not shorter.  Check it out for yourself in Genesis 1 & 2.  God made the original first week, and I am sure He hasn't forgotten how many days He placed in a week.  Seven days to a week, so seven years to a week of years.
     The Hebrew word translated as "midst" literally means MIDDLE.  See Strong's No. 2677.  So this is the time when the anti-christ will violate the seven year "covenant."  Right in the middle of the week.  Three and one-half years after it has been "strengthened" by the anti-christ.  This exact time is neither a beginning nor an ending for the length of the "covenant."  Rather, it is clearly stated to be the exact time when the anti-christ violates his agreement with Israel and brings upon them "sudden destruction," 1 Thess. 5:3.  
     And how is this indicated in the Scriptures?
"...he shall cause the sacrifice
and the oblation to cease..."
     Those readers who are seriously "watching" the "end time" prophecies of God's Word come to pass right before our eyes today, surely know that in the last few years, the Jewish priesthood has been re-establiished, and as of this present year [2019] the Jewish people have began to offer up animal sacrifices again to the God of Israel.  This should give our readers some indication of just how close we are to the end of this present dispensation, and the beginning of this final 70th week of Gabriel's prophecy.  "Even so, come, Lord Jesus," Rev. 22:20.
     Many centuries ago, Israel began offering to God a daily sacrifice, to atone for their sins as a nation and people.  Now they have resumed the practice.  I highly suspect this is why the 70th week prophesied by Gabriel will begin at any time now; because the Lord God sees Israel's desire to be back in His will as His people again.   
     However, this prophecy tells us that this prophesied Roman prince [the anti-christ] will "cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease."  Why?
       Because he will sit in the rebuilt Jewish Temple and publicly declare himself to be God, 2 Thess. 2:4.  He will be so filled with his own ego, that he will not tolerate any competition.  He will demand to be worshiped by Israel and by all of mankind alive upon the earth at that time, Rev. 13:5-8.  
     In his wicked eyes, the daily sacrifice and oblation to what he will consider to be a "mythical" God, will be an insult to him.  So he will cause the sacrifice to cease, and in doing so, will brutally kill [martyr] all those who refuse to obey him, Rev. 13:7; 20:4.
"...and for the overspreading
of abominations..."  
     This is an important prophecy.  It was referred to by the Lord Himself in Matthew 24:15.  But what does it mean?
     Dear readers, idols and images of false gods are an "abomination" to the only true and living God.  Read it for yourself in Exodus 20:1-5 and Deuteronomy 7:25.  
     The anti-christ, after declaring himself to be God, is going to erect an image of himself [or Satan...?] in the courtyard of the Jewish Temple, demanding that it be worshiped, Rev. 13:14-15.  
     This vile image will be "the abomination."  However, notice that here in Gabriel's prophecy the word is plural, "abominations."  I suspect that after erecting his image in Jerusalem, he will then spread smaller images of himself all over the land of Israel, demanding that the Jewish people daily give homage and worship to those images.
"...he shall make it desolate..."  
     Praise the Lord!  Here is recorded Israel's response to the image erected by the anti-christ, and to his demand that they  worship these vile "abominations."  The Jewish people will flee enmass from their homes and land, just as they fled in 70 A.D., rather than worship this "abominable" god.  
     There is no question in my mind that they will also remember that this is what they were told to do by the Lord Jesus Christ, their Messiah, whom their ancestors had rejected.  Matthew 24:15-22.  Their fleeing will leave the whole land of Israel "desolate" [deserted and empty].  
     However, they will not flee in all directions in total confusion, as they did in 70 A.D.  Rather, they will be led by King David, whom will have been resurrected, in the Jewish resurrection as  recorded in Daniel 12:1-3.  Again, read Psalm 89:3-4; 89:20-21; and 89:35-37.  
      This Jewish  resurrection is separate from the resurrection and rapture prophesied in 1 Thess. 4:13-18.  The time for the Jewish resurrection is during the Tribulation period, when the anti-christ builds a palace for himself on God's mountain in Jerusalem, Daniel 11:45.  
"...even until the consummation..."
     It is commonly believed and taught that this is referring to the end of the Tribulation period.  However, this IS NOT correct.  Look up the meaning of the word for yourself in your own Hebrew Lexicon; Strong's No. 3617.  
     This word takes the reader beyond the end of the Tribulation, right out to "the end of sins" prophesied in 9:24.  
     The end of the Tribulation occurs in Rev. 16:17-21.  But that IS NOT the end of the anti-christ.  He continues to fight against the Lord, following the Tribulation [Matthew 24:29-33] right up until he is defeated and him and his "false prophet" are thrown into the lake of fire, Rev. 19:19-20.  Even then, that may or may not be the "consummation."  The total completion of all these events in this present "world age" may only come after the Great White Throne judgment has been completed, Rev. 20:15.  
     It is the very next Scripture which speaks about "a new heaven and a new earth."  So dear readers, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in determining the correct time for the "consummation."   
"...and that determined shall be
poured upon the desolate."  
     Oh, what a glorious statement!  The Lord's angel, Gabriel, began this prophecy in 9:24, speaking about Israel and the Jewish people, and here he ends the prophecy speaking about Israel and the Jewish people.  
     They are the people who will have been forced to flee from their land to a place of safety, where they will be taken care of during  the last half of the seven year Tribulation.  And just where is the place of safety King David will lead them to?  Ironically, it is the same place David himself fled to, when he was fleeing from King Saul some 3,500 years ago.  
     By the way, King Saul, the first king over Israel and the Jewish people, was a type of the future anti-christ.  Study it for yourself.  
     King David will lead fleeing Israel into the rose red rock city of Petra, one of the two capitols of ancient Edom, located today in the mountains of southern Jordan.  This city was literally carved out of the gigantic red sandstone mountain, by the ancient peoples who once occupied it.  Archeologists who have carefully studied and measured this now abandoned city, estimate that it will provide shelter for between three and four MILLION people. And don't miss the point, that God had the enemies of Israel prepare it, knowing that His own chosen people would need it in the future.  Read Rev. 12:6 and 12:14.   Today, it sits abandoned and empty, just waiting for the time the Lord God will use it to protect His chosen people.  
     And didn't Gabriel in 9:24 clearly state that the 70 weeks had been "determined" upon the Jewish people, and upon the city of Jerusalem to:
     [1]   "finish the transgression"
     [2]   "to make an end of sins"
     [3]    "to make reconciliation for iniquity"
     [4]    "to bring in everlasting righteousness"
     [5]   "to seal up the vision...
     [6]    ...and prophecy"
     [7]    "to anoint the most Holy"  
     Every honest reader knows that Gabriel prophesied that all of these things would be accomplished within the 70 weeks "determined" upon Israel.  
     Now how many of the things listed have been accomplished?  None of them!  None!  Then they all have to be accomplished in this final 70th week.  And Gabriel said, "that determined shall be poured upon the desolate," 9:27.  
     If our readers enjoy studying Bible types, then study John 20:24-28, and you will find a type of what is going to happen to presently unbelieving Israel in Petra.    
     At some point during the last half of the Tribulation, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will suddenly appear in the heart of the city of Petra, and there He will "plead" with His own Jewish "brethren" "face to face," Ezekiel 20:33-36.  Just like He showed Thomas some 2,000 years ago, so the Lord will show the Jewish people the wounds in His hands, and the scar in His side.  And......every living Jew on earth at that time will receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah, their Savior, and their Redeemer.  Oh, glory to God!  
     And the prophecy of the Apostle Paul will be fulfilled; "And so all Israel shall be saved...," Romans 11:26.
     And the prophecies of Gabriel will be fulfilled.  
     [1]  The "transgression" of Israel and the Jewish people will be finished.  
     [2]   An "end of sins" will have come to pass.  
     [3]   "reconciliation for iniquity" will have occurred.  
     [4]   "everlasting righteousness" will have been brought in.  
     ]5]  [6]    "vision and prophecy" will cease, as there will be no more need for mankind to know the future.  
     [7]   Those saved, rejoicing, Jews will anoint the Lord Jesus Christ as their most holy High Priest, to serve in that office "for ever."       
     Oh glory to God!  What great things are just ahead for Israel, and for every "saved by grace" Gentile believer.   
     If the reader received the first two parts of this study, then you now have a complete exposition of Daniel 9:24-27 in your possession.  My prayer is that it will be a blessing to every reader, and will help in preventing some readers from being deceived by the false teachings now being circulated about these particular Scriptures.   This study is based on taking the Word of God at face value for what it actually and literally says, rather than inventing some dumb theory to explain Scriptures that some simply do not understand.  
     Dear readers, it is almost time for these prophecies of the 70th week to be fulfilled.  But they will not be fulfilled, until the resurrection and rapture of New Testament believers has occurred.  How very close we are to our Lord's coming to rapture His people.  Are YOU one of His people?  Do you have the assurance of salvation?  If theree is any doubt, then won't you seek the Lord today?  Read John 3:3-18 and 3:36.  
     May our gracious God add His blessings to this study.  
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