Luis Vega (1 Oct 2017)
"RESPONSE - Revelation 12 Rapture"


Failed Date Setting

by Luis B. Vega

The purpose of this statement is in response to many questions one has received about the failed Rapture date of the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon and requests to address it. No, the Tribulation hasn't started yet. No, the Sign did not place on the Feast of Trumpets. How one see Scripture, the Rapture does not start the Tribulation, the 'confirming of the Covenant' does. A 'Sign' like a road sign-post points to a coming designation; the sign is not the event. Working at a University academic setting, one has a higher degree of standards as in such an institution there are safeguards in place like academic freedom, which is fast being eroded. There is a pledge to not plagiarize, or steal ideas or intellectual property, sighting sources, asking for publication permission, etc.

Using the Scientific Method, one is trained to establish a theory on the bases of observation and repeatable variables, etc. Thus one always uses, ‘it appears’, ‘it looks like’ based on the evidence’, etc., but never can one know 100%. Such is Biblical Prophecy in terms of the Rapture timing, to the day except when given like in the case of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry -to the day as revealed to Daniel. However, the day and hour of the Rapture of the Body of Christ is not the case. It was not meant to be ‘knowable’. It is an ‘unknowable’ variable and answer. Sadly, what the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon exemplified was the opposite of all such study methods and bad exegesis of Scripture. Below is what one wrote in one of the Revelation 12 blogs to offer some condolences and even some perspective before the Sign occurred, but to no avail.

As one of the Rev 12 Researchers that came down in the ‘middle’ of all the theories about the Sign and its possible alluding to the Rapture and its timing, it does pain me to see fellow Brethren having their hopes diminish. This is especially true every Feast of Trumpets season anyway but it is compounded 100-fold with Rev 12 and its Rapture correlation. The hopes of many will be dashed perhaps as the Rapture does not happen on the Feast of Trumpet or the Sign on the 23rd. If it does? Awesome! However …consider the millions of people worldwide that because of this Rev 12 discussion, theory, have read the book or Revelation for the first time or the Bible.

Consider the topic of the Sun, Moon and the Stars that has been suppressed for 1000s of years and not taught in the churches has caught the attention of many Pastors now. Consider that the theme Revelation and the Sun, Moon and the Stars is Jesus, and Him, alive and glorified with power and authority and is to come back. People have gotten saved, others have repented and yes, others have hardened their hearts. Do realize that the scoffing and ridicule is part of the ‘signs’ of the Days of Noah?

Did you all realize that? It had and has to come and that is indicative of such a condition being lived-out in real time now. The Rev 12 is a ‘Sign’ despite what scoffers say and the more one studies it, it is just amazing how many anomalies keep coming up…The ‘Sign’ is for sure a cosmic time-marker, a turning point, and a sign of a ‘rapture’. Now if how many have attributed to the actual day, we’ll see shortly. If thereafter, remember that perhaps the LORD is using such discussions and suppositions to ‘sift’ the wheat from the tares perhaps. But imagine how Noah and his family felt right up to the closing of the door? Remember that our hope is not on ‘Signs’ but that Our Hope, our Blessed Hope is ‘built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and His Righteousness.’ It has been a wild ride!


… Jesus first fulfilled the Spring Feast in His 1st coming as He will the Fall Feasts in His 2nd coming starting with Feast of Trumpets at the end of the Battle of Armageddon, then Atonement when He cleanses the 3rd Temple, is crowned as King and then on to Sukkot where He will literally dwell with Man ushering in the Millennial Kingdom. Based on the astronomical alignments, Jesus appears to have been born on -3 BC. That was Feast of Trumpets; conceived on the Hanukah prior in -4 BC. Jesus as the Lamb of YHVH had to be examined, and proven. Thus had to be designated as the candidate, which GOD the Father publically announced as a man, the 2nd Adam, [The Last Adam] baptized in our place and tested for 40 days, etc.

His ministry had to be tested and its fruit examined. Jesus told the disciples of John that the signs of His miracles spoke for themselves, etc. Then for 10 days prior to the Passover sacrifice, Jesus had to be examined like the lambs were. So there actually 4 unfulfilled Feast types yet to be fulfilled. The Pentecost Feast Age is not yet completed until the harvest Rapture. It also follows the Menorah pattern. The 70th week connotes ‘7’ as in 7 days in the week, thus 1 year to 1 day. The 70th Week of Years is 7 years total, all inclusive of the Seal Judgments for a total of 2520 days not including the 30 and so on additional days.

The Fall Feasts are proven over and over so far, that they should not be forced to be made to fulfill the Rapture event of the Body of Christ. The Fall Feasts are really all about judgement. Elul is the month of judgment with the 40 days countdown to end on Atonement, a day of 'judgment'. The Feast of Trumpets (FOT) starts the 10 Days of Awe which is an introspection to address personal judgment of sin so at Atonement, the 'books are opened' and one is found 'worthy' of a ‘next year’. One sees in Scripture that it is Jesus, along with the Bride that comes back on FOT as the final 'judgment' upon the world, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon, etc.

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ cannot 'fit' in these Fall Feast molds/patterns as it is not about judgment but a wedding and rewards, a going to a 'chamber' to be covered for protection as the indignation occurs or judgment upon the world and Israel, etc. Sure, the FOT does allude to a 'wedding' but so do all the other Feasts to an extent. One can also ‘see’ even the Rapture typology in all the Feasts. There is also so much other End Times prophecy that has to occur before or in conjunction with the Rapture. True, it is at the door, it is almost there. However the 4th Feast, which is Pentecost is the better candidate as it is not 'fulfilled' just yet as most erroneously purport and teach.

Pentecost is an ongoing, present and real-time spiritual harvest taking place. It is the ‘intermission’ Feast where the Gentiles are being grafted in, literally; think of a tree and the Menorah. The grafting occurs on the main stock, as is the 4th stem of the Menorah. This is the position Jesus was at when revealed to John, called the 'Sun', the 'Servant Stem'. This is what ideally describes the Commissioning of the Church, the Bride, being servants and workers in the vineyard. Such are as Ambassadors and that will not be recalled until 'war' is declared and the last refugee, last stock or soul is 'harvested', etc. The Rapture of the Church, as a type of John, the ‘Beloved’ occurs in chapter 4. It is the 1st of the 7 Raptures in the whole book of Revelation as there is a pattern of 7.

No, the Revelation 12 vision was not fulfilled on September 23, 2017. The ‘Church’ was not ‘born’, the .33 of the Fallen Angels were not cast down to Earth, Israel did not flee to Petra. The AntiChrist has not pursued Israel, or sit on the Ark of the Covenant in the 3rd Temple, etc. If anything, the only fulfillment was that on that day for some reason yet to be understood, the Creator chose that day to approximate, astronomically the depiction of the Vision of Revelation 12 with the Sun, Moon and the Stars; that is all. The Revelation 12 Sign was and is a point of 'retroactive prophecy' that synchronized past, present and future typologies of Christ and His Body, etc. Now the Pentecost harvest is at the end of Summer. A Summer season is astronomically noted by the Fall Equinox but that remains to be seen if that 'harvest' would or could coincide with a Fall Feast.

Nevertheless, until the Church stops making the mistake of a Feast of a Trumpets Rapture, and date-setting the Rapture event, it damages its credibility and message of Jesus. As some have rightly pointed out this time around, why is the Church beholding to the timing of Christ Body's rapture to the unbelieving Jews at the blowing of their trumpets? In part, it is due to the Jewish Roots movement. At this point one could be sounding like a scoffer and it is easy now that the Rapture Sign of Revelation 12 did not happen as ‘expected’ by them all. As the original Researcher of the Revelation 12 Sign since 2008, one said, had been saying and is saying the same thing from the very beginning. The ‘Wonder’ is a cosmic ‘Sign’ of a coming ‘Rapture’ but one could not, cannot say it is of the Church of Christ, although possibly given the overlaying typology of prophecy, it is a typology. Thus to question such teaching or inferences within the Revelation 12 Community is not scoffing or mocking as some exclaim.

Mocking and scoffing has come from the world and those that seek to ridicule, that is expected but the Revelation 12 Rapture movement is just reaping what it sowed. One cannot go beyond to imply a specific date and this is what exactly happened. Sure, it could occur or could have occurred but based on those safeguard and prophetic parameters of experience and discipline of studying prophecy noted, one would not and could not ‘go there’. In all of the studies on the Revelation 12 presented by this writer, one tried to tell in the studies, charts and patterns for nearly 10 years that it was not going to be the case. As one of the first ones to really study the different angles of the Sign, in no way was the Revelation 12 Sign ascribed to the day of 'The Rapture' on that specific date. It is a 'Sign of a Rapture' but the sensationalism of personalities of the YouTube generation and age got the best of the Church now. The Body of Christ has not done its homework in terms of prophecy.

The Church, in the West/America primarily has now relied on less than prepared and studied-up YouTube personalities to do that for them. As most of the Church has been ‘dumbed-down’ theologically with just entertainment and short sermonettes, such have really no context or reference to detect theological error and it will not end here. Next year, there will be another 'sign' and other personalities, etc. This is not to say that one has arrived or knows it all but certain depositions of a Disciple or 'Pupil' of Jesus is in order as well as the need for accountability and responsibility. One day the world will ban Christianity and the Bible for the 'insanity' that they believe is induced upon a person to the point of psychosis because of such failed Rapture and end of the world date-setting predictions.

Scott Clarke-Eternal Rhythm Flow
Sensationalized the Sign and introduced new theology that the Church Body is not ‘Born Again’ and is separated from the ‘Head’, Jesus until it is to be reunited on the 23rd of September 2017, which he stated on several videos that it would be the Rapture, when the Body of Christ would be ‘born again’ at that time. He had predicted the Rapture during the Fall Feasts in 2014 as well.


Steve Sewell-Heavenly Sign 2017
Emphatically and unapologetically insisted on his ‘full proof’ timeline of the Rapture to be on the 20th of September and not the 23rd although had a prior revision to his timeline already.

David Meade-Planet X News
Predicts that Planet X will cause an ‘unexpected eclipse’ on October 5 that causes the darkness to come all over the Earth as part of the Revelation 12 Sign.

Jaco Prinsloo-God’s Road Map to the End
Presented the notion that Planet X was to collide and take the bottom portion of Jupiter out on the culmination of the Revelation 12 Sign on the 23rd.

Michael Rood-A Rood Awakening
Moved to Jerusalem to await the beginning of the Apocalypse of Revelation that was to start on the 23rd of September and the Revelation 12 Sign was just the beginning of the Celestial War in Heaven and the thermonuclear exchange on Earth at that time.

James Mueke-Great Sign of September 23, 2017
Amazing video, voice and graphics detailing the facts about the Revelation 12 alignment but then went on to prognosticate that a ‘Great Firestorm’ would sweep the world and Planet X would eclipse the Sun to cause worldwide darkness, a judgment on Islam, etc.

Mark Biltz-El Shaddai Ministries
Sensationalized the Blood Moon phenomenon and suggested the Rapture was to concur with the end of the Shemitah Cycle in 2015. He come on the 11th hour on the Revelation 12 Sign hysteria and made it seem as though he had to do with its discovery and research.

All of these Researchers insist that they got the ‘revelation’ from the ‘LORD’ and from Scripture. No they didn’t. It is the fallacy that such have misinterpreted the information and have injected a personal interpretation that has not squared-off with Scripture. Moreover, of course the secular media has had a field day intentionally also, sensationalizing it and misreporting and helping even more discredit Christianity.

It has been blown-out of proportion the supposed ‘Day of the Rapture’, the ‘End of the World’, and the ‘Appearing of Nibiru’ with the ‘3 Days of Darkness’, etc. Where did this come from? This pleases nothing more than some of the Jews that are Luciferians that control the 6 major media conglomerates, the 6 major banks and the 6 major governmental agencies in America that seek to undermine the authority, credibility and influence of Christianity in society and people’s lives. Followers of Jesus Christ that teach and preach the Gospel are already labeled crazy and nut cases as it is. The date-setting for the Rapture just gives more fuel to the fire and un-needed stress and disappointment for the Body of Christ. All such prophetic events are Biblical and will occur but it is the wrong timing.

There is nothing wrong with discussions and studies about the Rapture or its possible seasons, patterns or the signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Jesus Himself admonished His Followers to be aware of such phenomena. But people cannot resist to date set the Rapture or Jesus’ 2nd coming, week upon week, year upon year, Jewish Feast day upon another, etc. This trend will unfortunately continue to the very end. Already the advocates of the date-sitting crowd have gone on the record that 'although they were wrong, the timeframe is still sound.' What? A bad tree cannot produce good fruit, but the Church Body will still fall for it.

There is just so much pride, one cannot see how Jesus can bless such with His type of revelation. Instead of saying, ok, yes, I or we were wrong, we need to reconsider and study more and have a measure of humility, it is not the case. Their demeanor is stubbornness on the contrary and it is like Israel when the towers fell, they vowed ‘to build higher and stronger ones’ in Isaiah 9. 'I will not be dissuaded by the scoffers and mockers' and neither by their fellow Brethren that say the same in love?

To them, anybody that disagrees with their timelines or Rapture dates is automatically a mocker and scoffer, not the case. Others that purported the Rapture of the Church date in the Revelation 12 Sign, are now excusing themselves, 'Don't pin it on me'...if I'm wrong. 'I never said it was going to be on that date.' Yes they did. That was the whole reason for the videos and even introducing ‘new theology’ that apparently the Church Fathers ‘had it all wrong’ of the theology given to the Church and their interpretation. The point of all the teaching and videos strongly suggested that the specific Sign was to coincide with the specific date as being the ‘Rapture’ of the Church even though it is impossible to estimate the time interval between verses as noted.

There has to be some accountability and responsibility and this current wave or Rapture date-setters of the Revelation 12 Sign are not fessing-up to it. Again, one is not the judge of such ministries or studies or bad theology in one’s assessment. One is free to spiritualize and perhaps draw some prophetic parallels and patterns as one does and is at the core of the studies presented on this Eschatology Studies website. However, one can be wrong as to the inferences and interpretations given, as now it is such the case. One has only published the observable attributes of the Revelation 12 Sign in a balanced and rationale manor over these nearly 10 years of study, which is just one portion of the subjects covered and presented for study on the website.

Sure enough, as every year there is a scramble now to interject that there is a 7 day delay, no a 21 day delay, etc....Sure and then you have the naysayer crowd that always use 'No one knows the day or the hour' verse for everything. Jesus is prophesized to be born in Bethlehem! ‘No one knows the day or the hour’. Hey, Jesus is going to give the Sign of Jonah; will be 3 days dead and rise on the Sabbath!!! ‘No one knows the day or the hour.’ Hey! Jesus said to wait for Him in the Upper Room and that later on, He will be sending down the Holy Spirit! ‘No one knows the day or the hour.’ Right off the bat, such who use this verse to excuse any sort of prophecy they can’t understand or explain, shows their ignorance and lack of depth of study of its context. For example, the Scriptures teach that even Jesus, GOD incarnate as a human, (the Hypostatic Union) a man ‘grew in wisdom and stature’….What?! Jesus, as a human was limited in His revelation… apparently as a baby, adolescent and man, yes.

Yet He came from Eternity where He knew and knows all things, past, present and future. This is an example of how our finite minds cannot comprehend all that is divine. Daniel the prophet even did not understand some of the revelation given to him, nor did John. So, at that time, yes perhaps Jesus did not ‘know’ when the 2nd coming would take place, due to His human intellectual limitation of not being able to ‘know’ all things. But now that He has been resurrected, ascended and rose to sit on High, He does know. Moreover, Jesus held that generation accountable for not heading the ‘Signs’ of determining His 1st coming to the exact day! It will be no different for the Jews during the Great Tribulation. They will be able to know the exact day as it is given. It will be 1260 days or 42 months from the cessation of the Daily Sacrifices or Oblations, whenever that is. It will be a time where they can count to the 2nd coming –to the day.

Based on ones study of the prophetic patterns, Feast and Menorah, Jesus will return on a Feast of Trumpets on some specific year as He first came at His birth on the Feast of Trumpets, if -3 BC is correct. It is not the Rapture that Jesus was alluding to but the start of the Great Tribulation or the 2nd half, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Which, by the way is and will be synchronized to the Revelation 12 Sign’s correct timing and fulfillment as the Woman is given the wings to flee, etc. As it literally was played-out then in 70 AD as a foreshadowing, the literal fulfilment will it be at the mid-point of the 7-year Tribulation. The concept of the Rapture doctrine was not even mentioned by Jesus or given in context to the Disciples at that time. The notion of a ‘Gentile Age of the Church’ was not really understood in its totality as the Disciples represented a dispensation that was totally Jewish in thought, practice, customs and eschatology.

Thus, such will be the culmination of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to finish that time of Israel’s discipline, not the Bride’s. Jesus did not want to confuse them. It was until Paul that the LORD developed the notion and concept of the Bride of Christ and the subsequent Rapture doctrine of her as promised in the Upper Room. Such a Rapture doctrine was precisely for the Church. However, the credibility of any further 'Rapture' date setting from Watchers after this firestorm may never fully recover...Then after the 23rd, the going to the 24th at the 11th hours as the possible timing of the Rapture, one just cringed inside and now a possible ‘Jubilee Rapture’ on this coming Yom Kippur?

This moving of the goal post is because the same at this point are grasping at air for the Rapture. What does the Rapture have to do with a Jubilee and one that even the expert Biblical Scholars can’t determine accurately much less confirm that it will start in 2017? The ground-breaking work of introducing Astro-Biblical inferences tied to prophecy back into the Church has taken a big hit too. The Rapture will happen, it is so close, the Sign was and is awesome and relevant; it is a Rapture Sign. The Manchild is both inferencing the Church Body and Israel as 2 different words were used. It is really a picture of a dual pregnancy as in twins as many of the types in the Bible have demonstrated. However, it is not the Church that is being 'born' but Christ that is being born in the Church; it is backwards. So this new take on the theology of being separate from the Head and not being 'born' yet corporately until the Revelation 12 Sign on September 23rd didn't help either.

Galatians 4:18-20
Nevertheless, it is good to be zealous if it serves a noble purpose—at any time, and not only when I am with you. My children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you, how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone, because I am perplexed about you.

1 Peter 1:22-23
Since you have purified your souls by obedience to the truth, so that you have a genuine love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from a pure heart. For you [all] have been born again, not of perishable Seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring Word of God.


The Apostles are addressing the various congregations and are talking in the context of a corporate body, not individuals. So the Body is born already, it has just needed to mature. This process is called the Church Age. It should really be seen as the Bible portrays it, a harvest of that which is born and alive, in Christ. Those within the Revelation 12 Community have an obligation to address these issues as a measure of responsibility. To a degree, there is a measure of denial as it is hard to admit when what one thought was to take place did not. However, what always happens is that as the anticipated date passes, another one immediately takes its place. When a full-proof timeline does pan out, immediately an alternate timeline is given. Those within the Revelation 12 Community have to address this for the benefit of the Body.

We do appreciate the work, contribution and quest to inform and provide the platform to educate others about the Revelation 12 Sign. However, there is a difference in what was promised by the LORD to do that was communicated, that is concrete and that one could latch one’s faith to...despite one’s doubts and fears. However, the timing of the Rapture has not been given to the Body to know the specific day. There is also the misunderstanding of what the ‘Last Trump’ really means. Thus, such prognosticators will always miss the mark because one applies the same faith template and expects different results. In the secular parallel, this is the cliché definition of what insanity is even though clinically it is not.