TH (30 Oct 2016)


Immigration is one of the BIG issues of our time.  So a few thoughts on it from an
experiencer.  Years ago I was a policeman in a western College Town that had a
fairly large Spanish population and as a result, I dealt w/ these folks on a base
level.  I got to know their "nature".  They are a passionate people and not afraid of
work.  They take pride in the appearance of their homes.  Having them live next
door, didn't depreciate the value of your property.  They are a Patriarchal culture.
The man/father is the boss.  I used this understanding to advantage when dealing
w/ them, especially on domestic disturbances.  I actually liked the "beaners",  as they
were referred to by the western whites.  My "cowboy" fellow officers didn't share
my views on them.  As an aside, the small black pop. in our town was held in higher
esteem than the Latinos.  I was the first officer in our dept. that was born east of the
Mississippi so I came on board w/o any preconceived notions about Latinos.  I formed
my opinions from direct contact.  I am a conservative by nature but I feel that Latinos
are a BIG PLUS for the U.S.  Sure there are criminals among them, so what, criminals
are everywhere and in every ethnicity.  I can remember when I was a kid the Italians
in our town were thought of the same way a lot of people think of the Latinos now.
Everybody has to go through the assimilation process.  It started w/ the Irish who
came en-mass during the 1850s. (and they were white)  They were considered sub-
human as the writings of that day confirm.  Growing pains ALL immigrants go thru.
The MSM and the elite want the middle class to be focused on problems fomented
by them.  They (and us) ignore the History of immigration in the U.S.  I ...KNOW ..
that the Latinos will be a great asset for America when they finish their process of
Assimilation.  I say,  obey our laws, learn the language, pay your taxes and become
an American.....and Welcome to our Great Country !  And another thing to keep in
mind about our Latino folks,  they ALL believe that JESUS is the Son of GOD !
      Another learned Truth,  the propaganda about the "evils" of drugs by the MSM
and our "leaders" is true,  BUT... it is such a tiny thing compared to ALCOHOL !
Alcohol is the destroyer of mankind.  90% of what we dealt w/ as policemen was
alcohol related.  If there was NO ALCOHOL.....we would need only 10% of the
Police we now require.