TH (30 Oct 2016)


    1.    Just because you heard it first, doesn't mean it's the Truthful Version.
We tend to defend our understanding of things.  Being corrected isn't high on the
list of what we humans enjoy.

    2.   Fifty Million people can believe a lie,  and it's Still a Lie.
  There is no safety in going with the "flow".  Agreement isn't Validation.

    3.   All LIES originate in the Heart.
  Our brains construct the "lie" at our Heart's Request.

     4.   The....... KIND LIE.
  We have ALL used this one.  Roughly, it is a lie for the"benefit" of the person it is
  told to.  Sparing a loved one, the Details concerning the death of their loved one,
  would be an example of this type of "lie".  This isn't the type of lie that would go
   against us.  Remember,  all lies have their origin in the Heart.   

      5.   EXAGGERATION  
   Here's another type of lie we ALL do. Whether it is an "up or down" Slant on what
   ever it is we are presenting, it's Still Lying.  This is why "eye witnesses" are so
   unreliable in their testimony.  

       6.  DELUSION
     Basically it is Lying to Yourself. This is where PRIDE plays such a Big Role in our
      lives.  We ALL think we are Better than we really are, and as a result we ALL like
      to Toot our own horns.  

        7.  The LIE to DEFEND
     This lie is the immediate response to accusation. None of us want to be "Guilty".
      It starts with Parental interaction. The child is confronted and looks for an escape
      from a situation that has consequences for them.  The "lie" is the first option. It
      is usually in the form of a "denial".  And of course satan is there to see that the
      "Seed" continues to grow and he stays there until the Holy Spirit renders his
      efforts pointless as JESUS has forgiven us of ALL of our sins.  
             And that includes our lies, ALL of them.

      So,  there are people out there who will say "so we can lie and it's ok?"  These
      people who ask such a stupid question don't have the Blessing of the In-Dwelt
      HOLY SPIRIT and we should Pray for them (as hard as it is sometimes) as we ask
      the LORD to continue to Bless us as we confess our sins daily and Thank HIM for
      ALL that HE has done for us,   with JESUS at the top of the list.
                     SEEK HIS VOICE..........HE,  doesn't lie.

                                         MARANATHA !

                                                  T H