Rene (25 Oct 2015)
"re: Kat Kerr & Heaven"

for those of you who have seen videos or read her books, one thing to mention - she is telling people in her sermons when she visits churches that the saints of God should be UNPACKING their bags. She says we are not going anywhere anytime soon! She speaks a lot about the "manifestation of the Sons of God" and believes that the church as to get stronger and stronger and the sons of God (us) have to increase in power and miracles - and also claims that she saw a TIME LINE on the floor of the throne room that showed we have at least 20 - 100+ years (SEVERAL generations) to go before the rapture!
Well, I have a lot of QUESTIONS about Kat Kerr's visits to heaven:
1-  why would God take away the BLESSED HOPE that every Christian has had down thru the ages by showing one person that he isn't coming for us for at least another 20 to 100+ years?? Even the apostles never told Christians to forget about the coming of the Lord. All Christians had a Blessed Hope that theirs would be the generation caught away in the thrilling rapture of live saints!  Jesus and Paul never taught that thru the Church the world would get better and better as the end of the age draws near. Jesus taught the opposite - that as his coming drew near, the times would become more and more perilous.
2- the "manifestation of the Sons of God" is an erroneous teaching. I don't care how many times Kerr claims she's been caught up to heaven. She does not rightly DIVIDE the word of God. Christians do not go through the Time of Jacob's Trouble. It is not the Time of the Church's Trouble. We have many, many illustrations of how God deals between the just & the unjust to give us a picture of how he feels about his own body - (i.e. Noah, Lot, Enoch) and the fact that Joseph (in Egypt) took a GENTILE bride BEFORE the 7 days of famine hit Egypt, and he was one of the greatest types of Christ in the Bible!
Even the way SEVEN of the old Testament books are laid out in the Bible is a picture of the pre-trib rapture of the saints!