Peter A. van Breemen (25 Oct 2015)
"Russia Redux, Blood Moon, Convergence on Jerusalem What is Missing From This Picture?"

Hi Jon Tng.  Please post on your fivedoves website, this recent letter from Aaron Williams, edited by me. Thanks, Pete Van Breemen of Maryland USA.

Russia Redux, Blood Moon, Convergence on Jerusalem What is Missing From This Picture?

By Aaron Williams, 2015.10.15

Why has America been taken by surprise so often, not just by the 9-11 attack, the Arab Spring, and the rise of ISIS in the Muslim world, but also by Russia's expansion in Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine, Transnistria, Belarus, and Syria? Why has American intelligence failed to track the meticulous planning, funding, and execution of this new generation of Russian materiel, infrastructure, training, and multi-pronged strategy?


American triumphalism, solipsism, and arrogance account for much of our blindness regarding the perils of our era. More importantly, we neglect biblical prophecy as a window into the real world. Not that American Christians are good at getting prophecy right -- nobody, historically, has been very good at that -- but rather, our investment in trying to understand it should have been making us more alert to God's purposes in the real world. We should not be surprised or stumbled by the way things happen, nor should we be foolish and reactive when taken by surprise.


Endtime Christians as well as realpolitik politicians are overlooking the main thrust of Russian strategy. It is not to invade Israel -- certainly, not anytime soon -- but rather, to posit Putin as the principal power-broker between Shia and Sunni and Jew --as well as protector of traditional Christians -- in the region. The intermediate outcome will be a United Nations peacekeeping force in Jerusalem.


Consider, please, what a turning point Tishri proved to be. The Hebrew harvest month saw an unprecedented convergence of Putin and the Pope at the United Nations. Bear in mind that some 100 days before the Pope's arrival, he had invited Putin to the Vatican to discuss the protection of Christians in the Mideast. Those developments came to a head on the final "Blood Moon" of the much-heralded tetrad. The current turmoil in Jerusalem may also be a sign that the prophetic pace is about to pick up. Support will grow for a United Nations peacekeeping force in Jerusalem.