Mary Adams (25 Oct 2015)

Strange Dreams
Last evening, I spent some time reading a good spiritual book (Bevington’s) before I fell asleep.  Around midnight, I had a very strange dream.  In this dream, I was staying in a rather dilapidated old house. My husband Bob (now deceased) was there.  There were several rooms that were leaking and tilted, as if they had suffered from an earthquake, but my bedroom was okay.  In the dream, I was asleep on my bed and it was dark.  But suddenly I saw Bob at a desk in front of me with his back turned.  In the dream the light went on and he came over to the bed and sat beside me, taking my hand and putting his arm around me. I felt that perhaps we would be making love shortly as we used to do when he was alive. But of course, nothing like that happened.  I then began to ask him if we shouldn’t get another place to stay, as this house was falling apart.  He didn’t say anything, but suddenly returned to his desk and turned his back to me again.  It was so real, I awoke and found myself calling his name out loud, “Bob!”
The bedroom was dark, so I switched on the light---but he was not there.  It was very frightening.
I got up and went through the house, checked the doors to see if they were locked, went to the bathroom before returning to my bed.  I lay there for some time, trying to figure out what that dream meant, but received no revelation.  I then fell asleep again.
Around 3am, the dream came back.  I was in my same house, the same bedroom.  This time, Bob appeared again and at the desk.  He told me that he had to go escort someone to a far-off country, and had with him a paper which was like both a letter and a check for $111,000 dollars to be given to this person or persons.  He showed it to me. This time he had on a new suit that was silver-colored, but strange.  You could merely touch it, and the imprint of your finger or hand would change it to reflect a different color.  I didn’t want him to leave, but he insisted he had a mission to deliver it, and he left.
I woke again, still puzzled.  Then I went back to sleep the third time and the dream came again about an hour later.
Same scenerio: only this time Bob returned with two animals which he said he was leaving with me.  One was a lion, then the other one I was a small lamb.  The lion was very soft and comforting, like a pet.  The little lamb simply stood around.  I looked, but Bob was gone again.
That was the end of these dreams.
I am thinking that these dreams are somehow connected with the new mansions the Lord is preparing for us.  Bob is already with the Lord, but I remain in my house here on earth.  Bob was at his desk. Being a policeman in his life work, he often stayed at a desk and had assignments from the courts that took him to far away places to escort persons to and from Alaska.  His new suit possibly talks about the new garments we will all have when we meet in heaven. 
The paper with $111,000 written on it was a puzzle.  Bob showed it to me, but then had to take it with him.  I know that numbers are significant to the Lord.  So I did a little research on that figure.  I found the following articles:

Many people believe the number 11 phenomenon is a sign of the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Many believe it is a sign that this is the 11th hour, the time right before the rapture and Armageddon. It is also widely believed that biblically,the number 11 represents disorder and confusion. We are told that in the last days disorder and confusion will run high. We can see some signs of that now, with our election candidates and the millions of refugees flooding Europe. Israel in grave dangers. There are reasons to believe that the number 11 and Bible prophecy go hand in hand.

Many Christians believe we are living in the end times. News events certainly bear plenty of evidence of that. If that be true, these are indeed the end of days.

As illustrated in the bible, number 11 has all negatives attached to it. Biblical numerology describes number 11 representing imperfection, disorder, disintegration, dis-organization and chaos. Few examples can be cited as there were 11 dukes of Edom that were constantly at war with Israel, also 11 sons of Jacob bought disintegration to the family. Not to forget September 11 in America as one of the noteworthy examples to illustrate negatives associated with the number 11.
I am thinking that perhaps in these dreams, Bob was sent to me in them to let me see he was on assignment to show me that it is true, we are in the 11th hour—payday.  But that he has also sent the lion and the lamb (which lie down with one another) to comfort me in these last days and assure me that soon we will be reunited in a new mansion.
This would be confirmation to my prayers as I talked with the Lord before I went to bed last night.  I had asked the Lord to reveal understanding to me about the events coming on us all.
Mom's dream
Genesis 40:8
Interpreting dreams is God's business, Joseph replied. "Go ahead & tell me your dreams.
This is my thoughts on this dream. As I am learning Gods ways.
   The first dream of the dilapidated house is my mom's 81 year old body. Having survived 3 different bouts with cancer, it is reaching its end. The bedroom is the last room in the house (body) that hasn't fell apart.
   Bob is a symbol of the intimacy & relationship mom has with the spirit of the Lord. Each of us as believers should have this marriage to the one who lives within (hebrew"yada").
   Her statement to Bob "shouldn't we get another place to stay, as this place is falling apart", further illustrates the body (house) is falling apart and it's coming time to replace it.
   The 2nd dream  "Bob has to escort someone to a far off country". He had both a letter & a check of $111,000 to be given to a person or persons".
   This speaks of the spirit of the Lord that has to escort mom to a far off place. The "letter", represents the word of God (being ministered to the persons)
The 111 is Gods number,  illustrated 3 times. Once for each dream. He was been with her in her past life, he will be with her in the upcoming ministry & he will be there in the future at the end of her days.
My take is there is another missions trip instore for mom. Ministering the riches of the kingdom to the these persons, instep with the Lords leading.
   The suit illustrates the heavenly glory that surrounds the Lord. Mom states "she touched it". This represents that the Lords glory will be present for this upcoming ministry task.
   3rd dream shows the finality of her life. The Spirit of the Lord (bob) brings the lion & lamb (rest & peace.) to her.  
NOTE:  I have been impressed to send all these dreams to you, my friends.  I was astounded by David’s interpretation---it made a great impression on me.
I do believe in the mission trip, but perhaps also these emails I am sending you might be that trip.  Also, I had not read Ron Reese’s writings that SO EMPHASIZED THE 11/11 date as the beginning of the tribulation period.  Perhaps this is confirmation, and if so, we are truly doves about to take flight...
May God bless each of you and pray for God to use you in these final days.