Marilyn Agee (25 Oct 2015)
"to my cousins"

I spent two days in the hospital. Had a mini stroke. Came home, and the FIOS line bringing in TV, Internet and Phone got hit by lightning. That is the loudest clap of thunder I ever heard in my life. It was right over the house. Dave was asleep, but jumped 1 1/2 ft. The box in the garage had to be replaced. We had turned off our TVs and Computers. They were still plugged in but were not hurt. Thank you Lord.
When Dad got hit by lightning in Terre Haute when holding an electric test instrument to fix TVs and sitting on a wooden stool under the open garage door, it ruined his TV in the house, in spite of his 6 ft. lightning rod driven into the ground. When Mom got out there, Dad was stumbling around the stool speaking gibberish, but he recovered.
Here in CA, we have had terrible drought, yards are dying, but we are expected to have a wet winter this year, because of El Nino. The Interstate 5 was closed, I think 8 days, to give them time to clear away the mud. Cars and trucks were mired in it. Very unusual for CA.
Please pray that I stay well until the Rapture, which I expect next Pentecost, June 12, 2016, in the Jubilee Year. Having one stroke makes having another one more likely. While I was at the hospital, I kept saying I was 84. Yesterday, I realized that I am actually 86.
Marilyn Agee