Malcolm (25 Oct 2015)
"Daniel's 70th Week"

To all:

I offer this possible scenario concerning Daniel's 70th week showing it beginning on 11-3-2015 - only 12 days from now. Please take note that it begins exactly 50 days after the Feast of Trumpets, (9-14-2015).

It was 50 days from the start of the Spring Feasts (Passover) to the start of the Church Age (Pentecost).

It will be 50 days the start of the Fall Feasts (Feast of Trumpets) to the start of the Tribulation - the end of the Church Age.)

 This is only a possibility. But it accounts for all the Daniel time periods (2300, 1335, 1290, 1260) exactly. And the 50-day factor is too uncanny to be ignored.