Luis Vega (18 Oct 2015)
"THE 7 RAPTURES OF REVELATION - Conclusion of All Things"



The Aim of Prophecy to Testify of Jesus


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in chart section


‘I, Jesus, have sent my Angel to give you this Testimony for the Churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the Water of Life. He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus’. – Revelation 22:16-17, 20


The purpose of this study is to layout the events of the book of Revelation as disclosed in the narrative chronemically and in outline format with some inferences to possible interpretations. The study will address some of the misconception such as which Beast is actually going to give the 666 Mark for examples and actually how many raptures there are. It is the risen Jesus Christ that is revealing what is to come to the last Apostle, John. The book of Revelation is a book of numbers, of 7 primarily. It has deep mathematical symmetry and is not just some arbitrary scroll put together without intelligent design. Foremost it is a vision that originates outside of the space-time continuum. The unveiling is of divine origin. The authorship and authentication is given by none other than the LOGOS of the Creation, the Son of GOD, Jesus Christ.


The book of Revelation is perhaps one of the most studied and misunderstood portions of the entire Bible. Many Christian churches avoid the study of this book due to controversy and the ominous implications of coming catastrophes many avoid to teach. Others seek to avoid the contention it brings due to interpretations as some of the language is vague, metaphorical and/or encrypted. It is surrounded by mystery and intrigue but nonetheless it is a revelation foremost of prophecy that Jesus makes it so important to personally convey His revelation to the Churches. It is a deeper understanding of who is Jesus Christ. Thus to avoid studying over it and preaching from it in the Churches as the LORD prescribes has shortsighted the Gospel message and its purpose.


The purpose the Apocalypse is to bring prophecy to the conclusion of all things and the testimony of and to Jesus Christ. If at least, if a Disciple of Jesus seeks to know his or her LORD, then the reading and study of this book is critical in realizing the nature, heart and mind of the Savior in a manner not even disclosed in the synoptic Gospels. Some believe the events of the book have already been fulfilled as the Pederasts attest to. Others believe the Apocalypse is just a series of allegorical innuendoes to hide the commentary of the political and religious undercurrents of the early Church. To others it is all that plus much more as with all other prophecies. Regardless, Biblical prophecy is always accompanied by multi-layers of meaning and time applications to it.

Prophetic Patterns

The prophecy of Revelation casts its shadow right from the start of the Church Age diagnostic of Jesus to the end of time or the conclusion of all things at His return. The Bible states clearly that the aim of any Biblical prophecy is to testify of Jesus. Thus any Biblical prophecy is centered on the person of Jesus or leads one to Jesus. This is how false prophecy can be discerned from genuine ones. The book of Revelation is the only part of Scripture that comes with a blessing for its readers for taking the message to heart and the invitation to the Water of Life at the conclusion of the book. Fundamentally, this unveiling of Jesus has many corresponding enigmas of the secrets of the Universe, mainly the struggle between good and evil.


This struggle is understood to be a carryover from a prior Age and dispensation. The center piece is that of the Angelic Conflict which originated in the Heavenly Jerusalem but will culminate in the Earthly Jerusalem. To better understand this encrypted book, one has to be versed in how Humanity has now been involved in this Angelic Conflict and is at the center of the Heavenly inheritance to come. The human race has taken sides and the primary issue why the contention between good and evil is a central theme of Revelation. It is because a human being determined for all eternity which force prevails. It is Jesus who set forth the law of which force is greater and ultimately triumphs. Jesus stated during His ministry that evil could, can and will be overcome by doing good.


The book of Revelation is about the good that Jesus Christ did to overcome evil on behalf of not only Humanity but bring to a conclusion the Angelic Rebellion of Lucifer once and for all eternity. The book of Revelation is purely a prophecy as it is stated in more than one place. In chapter 19:10, it states that the aim of any Biblical Prophecy is to testify to Jesus Christ and how things will be concluded in Christ Jesus. The book is also about the Overcomer and the rewards in Heaven or catastrophes that await the Earth. It is Jesus Christ who is the prime example of the Overcomer. It is interesting that the beginning of the book starts with the end of the ‘book of Revelation’ of the Old Testament, Zechariah. In Zechariah, it states that ‘they shall see Him whom they have pierced’, etc. This circular theme is proclaimed at the outset of the book of Revelation.


In this way, the Old Testament of the Law and the Prophets are validated and are collaborated by an equal and more detailed testimony of Jesus of how He is to bring all things to a conclusion. The book of Revelation is thus both linear and circular in nature in some aspects. Some believe it is chronological while others dispute that it is a multi-layered revelation of superimposed events that mirror each other. For example the 7 Seals to some are seen as the mirror image of the 7 Bowls. The argument is that the 7 Seals are described from the vantage point of Heaven where John is receiving the revelation from Jesus. The 7 Bowls are the same events only described from the vantage point of Earth. This could be a viable interpretation but not likely. Although there are similar circumstances, the 7 Bowls do not appear to overlap the same time. The book of Revelation ends like it was in the beginning in Genesis. It ends with a marriage of a male and female principle and the restoration of the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Life.

The Genesis Template

In the Apocalypse, the Water of Life that flowed from the Throne of God also occurs in the same manner as it was during the first time in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were created. This is another example of the circular prophecy in motions and completion. Although the events of Revelation are sequential, there is a certain amount of linear attributes that are not to be dismissed. The chart accompanying this study will layout the sequence of events proclaimed. Each event will be given a value of 1 unit. With this measure, the timeline will also incorporate the chapter delineation that is not necessarily inspired but is used as a reference point. What is astonishing is that the book of Revelation is also given not only as a blueprint in Genesis but in the Gospels, primarily in the Olivet Discourse.


Here, Jesus provides the layout of the outline of how the book of Revelation is constructed and linked to Daniel’s prophecy. The occasion for the Olivet Discourse is the measure or evaluation of the Temple as suggested by the Disciples to Jesus. The Temple is also measured in the book of Revelation. Then the Disciples, all 12 being a representative of Israel, the Sons of Jacob are admonished to flee into the wilderness as the Remnant of Israel or Jacob are thus provided a way of escape in the wilderness from the so called ‘Wrath of Satan’. It is interesting to note that it was the Christians Church that fled Jerusalem and escaped. Why does Jacob’s Sons have to be tried? Prophetically, is to rectify this time for the selling of Joseph by his brethren, primary Judah. Thus it is the Lion of Judah that atones, among many other reasons.


The number 12 is associated with the Old Testament as the Sons of Jacob are correlated with the 12 Disciples of Jesus and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. These 2 facets are fused into the very City of the Lamb as described in the New Jerusalem for example. This study does hold to the interpretation that the prelude of the Church Age is a time to be completed before the actual Seal judgments are opened or the Rapture can take place. The Rapture of the Bride will be a culmination of a harvest, that of the last Gentile to be grafted into the commonwealth of Israel. As a typology, subsequently the Bride of Christ is promised that she will be spared this Hour of Trial that will come to test Jacob’s Sons as she will be ushered through the escape door of Philadelphia, i.e., the Rapture or translation. As the LORD in the Olivet Discourse alerted the Disciples of an escape, so too is the Church of Philadelphia alerted.


Jesus told His Disciples, in essence the Sons of Jacob about the Hour of Trial. However it is in fact the Church of Philadelphia that is to be spared this coming Hour of Trial to test those inhabitants of the Earth and the Sons of Jacob for all the evil they have done. Prophetically, Jesus was as Joseph addressing His Brethren. This is another example of a prophecy casting its shadow down the halls of time. At the end of the Church Age dispensation will there be that admonition to heed the call to ‘Come up here’ as the Bride is translated through the gate (portal) and escape that wrath to come by way of the Rapture. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble also correlated to Daniel’s last week of prophetic years. The purpose of this study is only to lay out the events of the Revelation in chronological order. Some inferences will be made as the patterns do lead to some very obvious suggestions and speculations.

As to the transcriber, it is the Apostle John that is the recipient of this book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, not Revelations as many make the mistake of saying. In the Greek it is called the Apocalypse as in the unveiling of a letter scroll as that was the ancient custom of letter writing, especially if it came from an official imperial degree. This is in contrast to the other occultic and false Gospels and books that make up the Apocrypha which means to conceal. The seals of the unveiling scroll served to authenticate from whom it is from and when it is to be opened. Only certain people had the authority to break the seals and open the successive sections of the scroll. Each seal lead to a subsequent seal that had that portion of the scroll sealed until the prior reading was divulged, understood and implemented. The following are the main components of an ancient scroll in which the book of Revelation was written.



A tag was pasted on the edge of the Scroll. It recorded the Author’s Title and Information.



Having more than 1 Bullae constituted a Legal Document as in a Will and Last Testament.


The book of Revelation is in essence a reading of the will, a last will and testament of Jesus Christ. For a will to be read, the respected parties of the inheritors have to be present as well as the mediator of the deceased. In this case, Jesus is not only the deceased but resurrected deceased one that functions not only as the mediator, or lawyer or arbitrator but judge and the inheritor. In this case, what is at stake is the Inheritance and Rewards of the LORD, His heavenly ones. It is no longer the issue of sin the Church is dealing with; that was paid for at the cross. It took this instrument used by Lucifer that attempted to destroy Jesus with that actually destroyed Lucifer. In this analogy the Defendant, the Bride that stands accused day and night before the Judicial throne on YHVH is required and summoned to appear before her Accuser, in this case Lucifer. This is one supposition why the Rapture of the Bride has to occur before the Hour of Trial is to commence upon the Sons of Jacob. Thus the Rapture is the agent that sets in motion the judicial proceedings and the breaking the Seals.


It is the breaking of the Seals by the Lamb of YHVH, the Lion of Judah that adjudicates or absolves the Bride of all Luciferian accusation. Moreover this typology of the last will and testament becomes the judgment of the world and the death sentence proclaimed against Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. This was retro-actively accomplished at the cross but will be implemented in real time on Earth to coincide with the judgment of the inhabitants as well after the Rapture of the Bride. It is only at this time that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are once and for all expelled from having any more access into Heaven; they are evicted. It is for this reason that Lucifer thereafter seeks to devour the Sons of Jacob on Earth and seeks to amass his demonic legions for one last frontal assault against the Gates of Heaven and against Jesus at His return to possess the Earthly Jerusalem. The Bride has to confront Lucifer and there has to be a mediator that can adjudicate her, in this case Jesus Himself the Lion of Judah as the Overcomer of sin, death and Satan. Thus this study does agree that the ‘Come up here’ calling of John is the metaphor for the Rapture as far as this study is concerned. Others will disagree which is part of the ongoing study of the mystery of the book of Revelation.

The 7 Raptures of Revelation

This study will also show that there are numerous other ‘raptures’ occurring during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. There is a Rapture or translation in almost every segment of the unit values of events which are 7 in total spanning the sections that constitute the book of Revelation. In each segment, there a Rapture event or a translation of peoples as suggested by the narrative. The word translation is referred to as having a person or peoples changed from the moral state to the immortal state. The Rapture of the Bride commences this count. This is the preeminent Rapture that correlates to the Church of Philadelphia that was provided with an ‘Open Door’ of escape from the Hour of Trial to come. Thus there is the Rapture, the Blessed Hope that is at the beginning before the Seal judgments start the countdown to Armageddon. Out of all these, the Sickle rapture might possible then correlated to the Matthew 24:20 depiction of those who are left and those who are taken. The following list is of those Raptures or translations in questions.


chapter 04:01  The Rapture of the Bride       

chapter 07:09  The Martyrs out from Great Tribulation         

chapter 11:12  The 2 Witnesses after 3.5 days (a 1260 coefficient)

chapter 12:09  The Man-child of the Virgo Vision

chapter 14:01  The Overcomers singing the Song of Moses

chapter 14:16  The Sickle Harvest

chapter 20:04  The Beheaded


This argument of the presented and suggested 7 fold Raptures is the reason why there is such confusion which is designated for the Bride of Christ. The translation or escape of the ‘Philadelphian Church’ typology of the Bride of Christ is the singular Rapture event unlike the rest to follow during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or the Tribulation period. There is a translation at the beginning, at the middle and at the end in the book of Revelation. Is it any wonder why there is such a confusion if the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur either pre-Trib, pre-Wrath or post-Trib within the chronology of the Apocalypse interpretation? This study submits the notion of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as typified by John the Revelator is the translation of the Bride because the ‘revelation’ of Jesus is given to the Church of what is to come, not to the Sons of Jacob. It is the Bride that Jesus chose to be the ‘Witness’ to testify of what trouble is to come due to the rejection of the ‘Greater Joseph’ that was sold for silver by his brethren.


It is John, the Bride that is also not only the witness of the last will and testament of Jesus but is the beneficiary as the Bride along with the risen Jesus of all the inheritance and rewards of the promises of YHVH through and in Jesus. John was the youngest of the Disciples during Jesus’ ministry and one of the pairs of brothers in the group. There is a mystery surrounding John in that Jesus admonished Peter after the resurrection that ‘if He wanted John to remain alive, what is it to you Peter’. Many have taken this literally and believe that John will be alive up to the very day of Christ’s return. Thus spiritually assumed that perhaps John did not seeing physical death, some thus speculated that perhaps John was also translated and will be 1 of the 2 Witnesses from this assertion. Regardless, there is no 3rd Testament or ‘Witness’ as Mormons claim nor a need for a more perfect successor such as the Muslims protest to the point of beheading those that object to such blasphemy that Mohammed is the ‘last prophet’.

The Type of the Beloved

The Apostle John was the last Apostle of the original 12 to remain alive. He was on this island of Patmos in the Aegean to which John was banished by the emperor Domitian around 95 AD. According to research, Patmos means the ‘place of my killing’. Thus here is the conclusion of the matter if John died or not. The very name of the place of the revelation alludes to his killing that to some historians occurred at the hands of the evil Roman Emperor. As the representative of the Church, he does ‘live on’ as the Gates of Hell will not overcome the Church and will remain until the very end of the Age. This is only based on the metaphor that John is seen throughout the Gospels as the ‘Beloved’, as the Bride of Christ. John like Jesus is a type of the Church that is and will be an Overcome because as the Bride, she has washed her robes and has been faithful since her inception through Jesus, the 2nd Adam at Calvary.


This study is assuming that 32 AD is the year of the crucifixion and subsequent birth of the Church Age. Interestingly if 5776 or 2016 is the culmination perhaps of this Church Age, then it will have been a time span of 1984 years. This is ominous of George Orwell’s book by the same title that introduced the big Brother phenomena of a total police state and grid. Such technology now exists and perhaps this was a foreshadowing of the time that would require such a set up to usher in the last Luciferian world Order. Jesus gives the order of this last Luciferian Order to John in a chronological order. The scene of the Menorah and the 7 Churches are part of the pattern of number 7s but constitutes the prelude to the New World Order that constitutes the Hour of Trial for the world, Lucifer and the Sons of Jacob.


7 Fold Revelation of Jesus

7 Churches

7 Seals

7 Trumpets

7 Fold Intermission

7 Bowls

7 Last Visions


The intricacy of the Biblical numerology of the book is beyond human design and is mind boggling. In the revelation of the 7 fold Church, the LORD Jesus is in the midst as the 4th Servant Stem of the ancient Menorah given to Moses. It was a facsimile of the true original in Heaven that stands before the Throne of YHVH. It also corresponds to the 7 Spirits that are spoken of in Isaiah. They have within them the 7 Thunders and speak and come with the 7 Angels that are ever before the Throne at the service of the King. The Church is likened to this Menorah which is a metaphor of an almond tree that was seen in the region of Mt. Sinai. The following are a correlation of this theory concerning the main delineations of the book of Revelation based on the pattern of 7.


Event                          Feast

7 Church Age              = Like Pentecost

7 Seals                        = like Rosh HaShanah

7 Trumpets                  = like Yom Kippur

7 Bowls                       = like Sukkot

tnThe Restoration of all Things

The book of Revelation also can be a typology of the remaining Fall Feast appointments yet to be fulfilled by Jesus as they were in the Spring Feasts with Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. The current Feast, that of Pentecost corresponds to the present Church Age. This Age incorporates the indwelling and sealing of the Holy Spirit and is the time of mercy, grace and reconciliation allotted to mankind before the Hour of Trial is to befall the inhabitants of the Earth and the Sons of Jacob. The Age of Pentecost and the Menorah typology also represents the vine and the branches that Jesus alluded to Himself as being the Water of Life that nourishes the branches of Believers with the anointed oil of the Holy Spirit to produce fruits of righteousness. It is also reminiscent of the Tree of Life that was lost by Adam and Even in the Garden.


The book of Revelation is about how Jesus restores these elements specifically and all things in general on behalf of Humanity but because of Jesus through His humanity. The point being is that the inheritor of all things is a human; that is Jesus as a human taking on flesh, etc. But before the inheritance is to be realized there is a time period reaming that also has to be completed, the Time of Jacob Trouble. Prior to this time starting, the risen LORD Jesus makes a diagnostic exam, much like a doctor of the Bride’s condition for the span of the Church Age. In each case Jesus listens to the heart for its spiritual health and condition. Of all the 7 churches, only 2, that of Smyrna and Philadelphia is there no rebuke or admonition but an encouragement. It is with Philadelphia that the specific promise of an Open Door or Gate is set to have her escape the Hour of Trial to come after the Church Age is completed.


This present Church Age is about a harvest maturing. The Church Age is a time of when the Wheat and the Tares have been allowed by the LORD to operate and grow along side by side. This is the cause of their being wolves amongst the sheep in the Churches. It will only be at the end of the harvest where the fruit of Lucifer and Christ’s Disciples will be evaluated. Meanwhile, the only true test of which will be differentiated now is based on the fruit that can be discerned. Also consider that what separates the sheep from the wolves in the Churches is persecution. It is only those that are truly saved and wiling to lay down their lives for Christ Jesus that have, do and will endure such degrees of persecution that often lead to martyrdom; no wolves would do this for Jesus. This one reason among many that this study suggests suffering is allowed by the LORD so that the fire of persecution leads to genuine faith and fruit unto righteousness.


The book of Revelation is also about Keys. There are several innuendoes about how Keys play an important part in the narrative of the Apocalypse for the purpose of prophecy and testimony of and to Jesus. Keys are used to lock and unlock doors. The one who has the Keys is one that has authority to use them above all others. It is seen in the book of Revelation how the LORD Jesus has the Keys. These in part are the Keys of Death, Hyades, of the Open Door for Philadelphia, and of the Bottomless Pit, etc.  These Keys are applied at certain times to open and close certain doors, gates or portals for the purpose of furthering the culmination of the fulfillment of the prophecy. Despite what CERN seeks to do and open the portal of Tartarus before its time to wage war in Heaven itself, it will not open until Jesus sends the command to do so. The following is the diagnosis of each of the 7 fold menorah Church Age. The format will be in simplistic layout.



Christ revealed as the one that

-holds the 7 Stars

-walks about the Menorah ministering as High Priest


Positives Attributes



-abstains from the wicked

-tests Apostles

-endures hardship

-not fainted

-hates Nicolaitans practices


Negatives Attributes


-love gone astray





-redo 1st works



-right to Tree of Life

-in the Paradise of YHVH



Christ revealed as

-the First and the Last

-died but is the Resurrected One


Positive Attributes

-afflicted and poor

-slandered and opposed by Synagogue of Satan

-suffering and imprisoned

-persecuted 10x

-faithful unto death


Negative Attributes







-not to be hurt by 2nd Death


Christ revealed as

-having 2x edged Sword


Positive Attributes

-in Satan’s domain

-remains true and not renounce faith


Negative Attributes

-teaches doctrines of Balaam

-defiled and -immoral

-ascribes to the teachings of Nicolaitans



-fight with Sword of Mouth



-given the Hidden Manna

-given a White Stone with Name



Christ revealed as

-Son of GOD, reiterates title during Earthly ministry

-eyes of fire, feet of bronze


Positive Attributes


-love, faith and service


-doing more at end than at beginning


Negative Attributes

-tolerates Jezebels

-allows false teaching

-sexually immoral and defiled

-unwilling to repent

-pending sickness and judgment



-Jesus searches the heart and mind

-Jesus repays each according to deeds

-hold on to what you have


What is peculiar about this diagnostic is that Jesus address the leaders of the Church first, the so called prophetess and then calls out to those that have not ‘soiled’ their garments with their Luciferian practices.


-will be given authority over the nations

-given rulership on Earth and the Morning Star


Christ revealed as

-the One that holds the 7 Spirits and Stars


Positive Attributes


-aspires to reputation

-some within church have not been soiled

-some are worthy


Negative Attributes

-false reputation


-incomplete works



-dress in white



-given a Name never blotted out of the Book of Life

-one’s Name acknowledged before the Father and Angels



Christ revealed as

-The Holy One that is true

-holds the Keys of David


Positive Attributes


-little strength but keeps word

-not denied faith

-enduring patiently


Negative Attributes



This diagnostic of Philadelphia is one in which there is no admonition other than to hold on to the Crown that awaits them. There is no condition to repent of. On the contrary, Jesus promises that the Synagogue of Satan, who are liars will be brought before this type of Church to proclaim that Jesus loved them. This type of Church will be kept from the ‘Hour of Trial’ that is to come in the last generation.



-an Escape Door that is opened (Rapture?)

-be kept from the Hour of Trial of whole world (Time of Trouble for Jacob’s Sons?)



-will be a ‘Pilar’ in the Temple of YHVH

-Name written on them of GOD and City

-the Names written of New Jerusalem, Jesus Christ and His New Name


Christ revealed as

-the Amen, the Truth

-the Faithful Witness

-the Ruler of Creation


Positive Attributes


-thinks it is rich, clothed and can see

-living in a lie, a false reality


Negative Attributes


-poor, wretched, pitiful, blind and naked

-Chris- less ‘Christianity’



-buy gold, fine white linen and salve

-open door of intimate fellowship with Christ



-Jesus loves those He rebukes and disciplines

-grant to sit on Jesus’ Throne to those that overcome


The Heavenly Call

In chapter 4, the call to ‘Come up here’ is indeed a Rapture typology if at least that. It is also the same phrase used of the 2 Witnesses after the finish their witness. The imagery is amazing and does lend to a picture of the Rapture of the Church or Bride of Christ before the start of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles or Tribulation period. As noted, what lends credence to this calling being that of the Rapture of the Bride is how only out of a 12 Disciples is John typified in ‘Bride’ language or nuances and references in the Gospels. It would thus be befitting to have John relate the typology of the Church diagnostics and what is to occur in the ‘Last Hour’. Thus the book of Revelation is about what is occurring in the Throne Room of YHVH. What is seen is that the Rapture event draws back the veil or curtain of the time-space continuum and the Bride is the one that is allowed to see the future.


It was during the time of Yom Kippur when the High Priest would piece the Veil and stand ‘face to face’ before YHVH on His Earthly Throne room in Jerusalem. One interesting aspect about the Throne of YHVH in Heaven is that the 4 Living Creatures have the ability to speak. It is from this vantage point that the decrees or the reading of the will are proclaimed. There are some peculiarities to these decrees. For example, out of the 144,000 Sons of Jacob chosen for a witness, the tribe of Dan is not mentioned. These in contrast to the Mark of the Beast as these Sons of Jacob have the Seal of YHVH instead. If anything can be ascertained from the book is that aside from the Biblical numerology, there is the law of opposites in every aspect of YHVH’s plan. Lucifer mimics every strategy with a counterfeit that is presented to mankind in an attempt to deceive and derail anyone from entering into all that the Jesus has.

The Agents of the Decrees

Lucifer promises a counterfeit Gospel to Humanity of having so called deep ‘revelation’ and illumination, eternal life and a kingdom. Yet, Lucifer cannot deliver nor has the power to do so as he is only an Angel, and a Fallen One at that. What is detrimental to his pride is that to accomplish his desire for all things to be for him and about him, he has to have a strategy of appearing to share or want to share his dominion with others in the meanwhile. This is the case for a narrow-minded and blind Humanity. Although Mankind was also led to go astray and fall and join up with Lucifer’s rebellion, it is the atonement of one of Jacob Son’s, that of Judah that has revered the curses as He, Jesus from the Tribe of Judah took the curses of both Humanity and the Earth upon His physical body. Lucifer’s only power is in the persuasion ability he has and to counterfeit.


Another observation about the book of Revelation is just how prevalent the number of times Angels like Lucifer are involved in the implementation of this Hour of Trial or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. In almost every venue, an Angel is designated to officiate the decree of the various judgements upon the inhabitants of the world and the AntiChrist’s kingdom. In summary there are the 7 Angels of the 7 Churches of Asia, they seal the Saints during the Tribulation, 7 Angels stand before the Throne of YHVH. Then there is the one that hurls the incense of prayers towards the Earth. Then other Angels sound the 7 Trumpets. There is the Angel that opens the Abyss to let Apollyon rise. Yet another Angel sets free the 4 demonic Fallen Angels at the Euphrates. There is also the gigantic Angel that spans Heaven and Earth and speaks of the 7 Thunders, etc.


Ironically even though the book of Revelation is about revelation or an unveiling, this is the only instance where something is told not to be revealed. What the 7 Thunders uttered as an Oracle was instructed to not be written down nor divulged. At one point an Angel even proclaims the Gospel to the whole world as it is transmitted in the air for all to hear and understand. In this broadcasting, the warning from YHVH is given to all to not take the Mark of the Beast or else one will be lost and is condemned for all eternity. This speaks to the questions many Christians have about not knowing if and when they will be inadvertently taking on the Mark. This answers the question in that one will absolutely know in advance what the Mark will entail exactly and when it is about to be rolled out. There will be neither excuse nor plea of ignorance on the part of anyone.

The book of Revelation is also about patterns as mentioned how the Olivet Discourse can be superimposed perfectly onto the book of Revelation timeline. Other prophetic patterns deal with the Moedim or Feasts of YHVH. Of the 4 main occurrences of the 7 fold typology of the 7 Churches, the 7 Seals, the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Bowls, each can be correlated to the feasts of Pentecost, Rosh HaShanah and Sukkot. Regarding the 2 Witnesses, despite not being told precisely who they will be, it is known that they will be physically located in Jerusalem. The most prevalent theory of who they will be is that of Enoch and Elijah although Moses is a prime candidate as well. Both Moses and Elijah are the ‘Law and Prophets’ that Israel would at least accept as authentic and legal. Both lived during a time when Israel was in total rebellion and under judgment as it will be in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Each had the divine authority and ability to withhold rain for example and cause miracles to occur as it was the case in Egypt.

The Witnesses of the Apocalypse

The book of Revelation is all about witnessing, as in being a testimony or even a martyr. Such is the case specifically of the 2 Witnesses. In the case if it is Moses and Elijah, both ministered when Israel’s leaders were a type of AntiChrists as in the case of Elijah with Ahab and the Priests of Baal. Enoch is not attributed to such a time but most would qualify him as being the representatives of the Gentiles while Elijah is the one for the Jews. Out of these 3 contenders, Enoch and Elijah were translated and have not seen physical death, Moses has. It is rather intriguing that the Satanic power that kills the 2 Witnesses is none other than Apollyon himself. This is the same that came out of the Abyss prison, perhaps Tartarus of the Titans that lost the Heavenly wars to the Olympians, as ancient mythologies states. Another very interesting insight as to the nature of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ before the time of wrath to befall the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is what is said about what the AntiChrist says to those ‘living’ in Heaven.


In one place the AntiChrist is quoted as stating that he speaks blasphemously against the Lamb enthroned in Heaven from where the judgments are being pronounced from. What is astonishing is that the AntiChrist not only slanders the Name of YHVH, then YHVH’s place but those that are living in Heaven. This could be ascribed to the Angels but that would be a given and a common understanding. There has to be someone or somebody that is there also living or existing in the midst of the Throne of YHVH, so peculiar that they are singled out to the same level of slander as is the Creator Himself. This study suggests that this is no other than the Bride of Christ. Why Lucifer is upset about these ‘living ones’ is that they are the ones that took up the vacated thrones and powers that Lucifer and his minions once occupied before being evicted from Heaven.


This assertion would be collaborated by Isaiah 26:20 in how the LORD instructs His Beloved to hide in the Chambers until the indignation or wrath has passed. What is even more reveling is that this cohort in Heaven, the Saints already glorified are distinct from the Saints that are being persecuted on Earth during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. As the Pentecostal Age of the Church ends with the Rapture, the promise of Jesus that the Gates of Hell would not prevail over the Church are not in effect during the Tribulation thereafter. This is why the AntiChrist is given total power for 42 months specifically the last half which is the ‘Great’ part to ‘wage war against the Saints and overcome them’. This could never been said of the Church Age despite horrific and constant persecutions.


During the Tribulation, there will be a time when Israel will be cared for as she flees to Petra and is taken care of for 1260 days. It remains to be seen if such ‘witnesses’ overlap each other. As to the Beast issuing out the Mark of the Beast 666 grid system, many have erroneously supposed that there is only one Beast that is attributed to that of being the AntiChrist that issues the Mark. Upon further study, one will realize first that there are 2 Beasts at play. One Beast comes out of the Sea and the other Beast comes out of the Land. Clearly the 1st Beast is correctly attributed to that of the AntiChrist. He is the promised one of Lucifer, of the coming false Messiah that will mimic a false resurrection after he sustains in some sort of assassination attempt.

The Beast Systems

The coming last AntiChrist is like the completed pinnacle of the Masonic unfinished pyramid capstone, literally that has been ‘interrupted’ by the work of Christ Jesus. The AntiChrist will be the successor to all the prior Luciferian World Orders and the unique Spirit of AntiChrist that is at work in the ‘children of disobedience’ as the Bible states. Their quest is to finish the work Nimrod stared, the first ‘Mason’ with the Tower of Babel that was interrupted by YHVH. Lucifer will seek to wage war in the Heavenlies in a last attempt to pierce the veil of Paradise and usurp the Thorne of YHVH. This is where the Water of Life and the Tree of Life are situated. Only then can Lucifer deliver on his word to be able to genuinely impart immortality to his minions, human and Angelic. Until such a time, Lucifer can only promise manipulated DNA altercations that will eventual backfire on him and all those that take the False Prophet’s Mark of the Beast.


It is the religious 2nd Beast that comes from the Land or ground depicted as a Lamb with religious connotations that implements the Mark of the Beast 666 system. It is this 2nd Beast that sets up the worship system and even the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple Mount. It will be a statue of some sort that will be animated. With the current technologies, this is now a reality and possibility. What is astonishing is that it is this religious Beast that many incorrectly attribute to as being the AntiChrist. Correctly this 2nd Beast is the False Prophet that most likely will be to be the Roman High Priest, the Pope, not the 1st Beast which is the AntiChrist. Although both work in tandem with the power of the Dragon or Shining Serpent Lucifer, it is the Unholy Trinity that will seek to control and manipulate mankind to side on Lucifer’s behalf against the coming King and true Messiah Jesus.


Upon further study, even though the events of the book of Revelation are laid out in chronological order, there does appear to be in fact some viable inference to when the midpoint occurs. This midpoint falls in-between chapters 11 and 12 which happens to be the midpoint of the book and the events of the Hour of Trial. Furthermore, based on the 1 unit of value given to the main occurrences of the book, it appears that from the Rapture point of John’s calling on high, the beginning of the Tribulation with the 7 Seals and the 7 Trumpets is in approximate phi ratio of time to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ at the Battle of Armageddon. If the Book is encrypted throughout with Biblical numerology and mathematical symmetry, it would stand that there has to be then a factor of phi and perhaps even pi in the equations behind the text, unapparent to the naked eye.


This is the case; what is also astonishing is that in keeping with this phi ratio proportion of the book of Revelation, one can superimpose the spiral depiction of the phi ratio from the Seals to the Battle of Armageddon. The fulcrum corresponds approximately to the time that Bottomless Pit or the Abyss will be opened as a portal from where Apollyon the Destroyer is released. If one were to configure the phi ratio spiral into a 3 dimensional construct, it would constitute a funnel or portal. What is also very telling numerically also is that the 42 month span of time can be delineated by half as in 21 which has a 7-7-7 coefficient. This mirrors the overall blueprint of the book. The ‘Hour’ of Trial will also be specified in the timeline by minutes superimposed onto the 2520 days.

The following is the outline of the book of Revelation in outlie format.


What Was     What is          What is to come
PAST              PRESENT     FUTURE


Revelation of Jesus Christ

-His Authority

-His Attributes

-His Admonitions


Prologue and Doxology

-Faithful Witness

-Firstborn from Dead

-Ruler of Earth’s Kings


-Who Was

-Who Is

-Who is to Come

-Alpha and Omega


-Loved Us

-Feed from sin by Blood

-Made a Royal Priesthood

-To Serve


7 Menorah Church Age



Church           Condition                   Reward

Ephesus          Love Lost                    Tree of Life

Smyrna           Persecuted                 No 2nd Death

Pergamum      Mixed                          Manna/Stone

Thyatira           Compromised                         Rulership/Star

Sardis              Dead                           Dress/Name

Philadelphia     Little Strength              Pillar/Names

Laodicea         Apostate                      Throne


7 Stars

7 Lampstand

7 Churches


-1st Rapture, The Rapture of the Bride of Christ from among the Church



-The arrival, or official visit Rapture

-Judgment Seat of Christ (Bema)

The Adjudication of the Bride

-Throne in Heaven

-The Trumpet Call

-The Open Door


The Enthroned


-Flashes of Lighting

-Peals of Thunder

-7 Lamps ablaze

-7 Spirits

-Sea of Glass


24 Thrones

24 Elders

24 Crowns


4 Living Creatures

1-Lion 2-Ox

3-Man 4-Eagle


-Lion of Judah worth to open Seals

-Scroll opened


The 7 Seals

1. White Horse: False AntiChrist Peace (NWO)

2. Red Horse: of World Wars

3. Black Horse: of famine, pestilences

4. Green Horse: of Death and Hell


-Horsemen given 1/4th power over Earth to kill


5. Martyrdom of Believers under Altar

6. Earthquake, Sun Moon Stars, darkness


-Luciferians hide in their D.U.M.B. underground shelter from Wrath of Lamb

-4 Angels hold back wind

-1 Angel with Seal of GOD


-144,000 (Sons of Jacob) Jewish Evangelist Sealed


What is interesting to note is that compared to the initial designation of the tribes as configures around the Tabernacle of Moses, Dan and Ephraim are not listed. They are replaced by the Tribe of Joseph. The Tribe of Joseph was later split into Ephraim and Manasseh. It is speculated that Dan and Ephraim were excluded because they were the cause that led Israel in general and the Northern Kingdom specifically into idolatry. Also of note from the listing chronologically, Reuben was the 1st Born, not Judah.

During the time of Jacob’s Trouble it is befitting that his sons, especially that of the Lion of Judah through Leah that the Messiah, Jesus Christ fulfills the prophecy to rule the tribes and the nations of the world with a rod of iron. In one aspect the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is the conclusion to the story about Genesis 37. It is about Judah’s redemption as it was Judah who had the idea of selling Joseph to the enemy as Jesus was also. The Ishmaelites were in a caravan headed toward Egypt. They were and are the contenders for Abraham’s birthright and all that YHVH promised as an inheritance through Jesus Christ. It was Reuben who sought to rescue Joseph from the plot of his own brethren much like Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus with Jesus. The following are the 144,000 sealed by YHVH.


1. Judah          12,000

2. Reuben       12,000
3. Gad             12,000

4. Asher           12,000

5. Naphtali       12,000

6. Manasseh   12,000

7. Simeon        12,000
8..Levi             12,000

9. Issachar      12,000

10. Zebulun     12,000

11. Joseph      12,000

12. Benjamin   12,000


-2nd Rapture of Martyrs out of Great Tribulation

7. Seal Silence in Heaven .5 Hours

-7 Angels before Throne given 7 Trumpets
-1 Angel with prayer Incense hurled to Earth


The 7 Trumpets

1. Hail 33% of Trees & Grass burnt up

2. Asteroid 33% of Sea turned to ‘Blood’

3. Asteroid 33% of Fresh Water turned bitter-Wormwood

4. Darkness 33% of Sun/Moon/Star lose light

-Eagle flying calling out, Woe, Woe Woe!

Abyss opened, Locust Army of Apollyon (200,000 x 1000)

1st WOE = 5 Months of affliction, death not possible


5. 4 Fallen Angles loosed at Euphrates

-for very Hour, Day, Month and Year

2nd WOE = 33% of world population killed

-No repentance, continued Satanism and sin and a Mighty Angel /Small Scroll 7 Thunders

-No MORE DELAY, Mystery of GOD finished

-Temple measured, Jerusalem trampled 42 months

-2 WITNESS Commissioned 1260 days and killed by Apollyon the Destroyer

-3rd Rapture, of 2 Witnesses resurrected and raptured after 3.5 days

This is one instance in how the chronology of the layout of the book of Revelation is subject to interpretation as many believe the 144,000 will be the testimonial agent for the 1st half or the 1260 day period. The 2 Witnesses would thus be the testimony for the 2nd half of the Tribulation period which would constitute the Great Tribulation Jesus spoke about in the Olivet Discourse. It could be the case that the 7 Trumpet judgments also cast their long shadow to start the 2nd half which could be seen then as the prelude to the commencement of the Great Tribulation with the 1260 day count. This time is also alluded to the vagueness of what really constitutes the 3rd Woe and the 7x Intermission that is typified by the 3rd Rapture type of the Manchild being called to the Throne of YHVH.


3rd WOE = is coming

Worship, Temple Opened, Ark of the Covenant seen



1. Women w/Child & Dragon

-Clothed with Sun, Moon at Feet with 12 Stars

-4th Rapture of Pregnant with Manchild, translated to Throne

-Woman flees to Wilderness for 1260 days or the 2nd portion of the prophetic week


Biblically speaking, the Revelation 12 imagery is prophetic with multiple layers of meaning related to prior, present and future fulfillments according to eschatological studies on this subject. Several notable interpretations will be highlighted below to show its level of depth in meaning: 1) The Past in Christ Jesus, 2) Present with the Church, and 3) the Future with Israel.


In the Past
Revelation 12 in fulfilled in Jesus Christ the Messiah. Christ foremost fulfills this Prophecy as He was birthed from the Royal Blood line of King David in Bethlehem to the Jewish nation as foretold in the Torah in Isaiah 9:6. He was born miraculously of a Virgin Jewish maiden (Mary) as foretold in Isaiah 7:14. He came from Judah, 1 of the 12 Sons of Israel of Jacob. Jesus is the ‘Light of the World” who came to break the powers of darkness as foretold in Isaiah 49:6. Jupiter was in conjunction with Saturn and Venus on a New Moon in Virgo. As to the Dragon, King Herod sought to destroy/devour Jesus Christ at His birth as told in the Gospel of Matthew 2:16. At Jesus’ birthing, the ‘Slaughter of the Innocence’ occurred in males 2 years and under were killed by Herod as depicted in Matthew 2:17. Once Jesus finished His mission to redeem Mankind from sin and Satan, He was raptured to the Throne of YHVH.

In the Present
Revelation 12 is being fulfilled by the Body of Christ, the Church Age. On Pentecost, 50 days after Christ’s Ascension to Heaven, the Church was commissioned by Christ with the Gospel to take to the world until the end of that Age per Matthew 28:18. As to the Virgin, the Church (Bride of Christ) is as a Virgin to be presented at a wedding as taught by Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:2. The teaching of Crowns is founded in the teachings of the Apostles, Colossians 2:7. As to the Sun, the Holy Spirit indwells Believers–giving them Illumination and power. The Church is like the Moon that has been like a ‘Mother’ supporting and teaching Believers as taught in Ephesians 3:10. 5 As to the Dragon. Satan, throughout the Church Ages has sought to devour Believers as seen in 1 Peter 5:8. In terms of Birthing, the Apostle Paul admonishes to spiritual maturity so that Christ is ‘birthed’ in a Believer. This is taught in Galatians 4:19. Finally, the Church is Raptured. Once the Bride is ready, like a caterpillar, to a cocoon the harvest is done. Specifically, the Bride will be metamorphosized into a butterfly, it will be ‘caught’ up and fly away – transformed at its rapture.

In the Future
Revelation 12 will be literally fulfilled in the Remnant of Israel. The LORD is never be without a Witness. When the Church and Holy Spirit are removed after the Rapture, there will be a 3rd fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy related to Israel or the Sons of Jacob. As to being Virgins, it will be the 144,000 Jews that will be set apart or Marked for the LORD’s commissioning as described in Revelation 14:4. As to Crowns, they will be 12,000 from every Tribe of Israel whom the LORD identifies in the forehead where crowns are worn. In terms of the Sun, they will take the ‘Light of the Gospel of Christ to all the Nations as foretold in Revelation 7:14. In terms of the Moon, there are 4 Blood Moons that will punctuate this time period. During such a time, it will be the Dragon, Satan indwelling the AntiChrist that will seek to destroy the Remnant of Jacob’s Sons and those evangelized by them as seen in Revelation 12:6. Concerning a birthing, the work of the 144,000 will cause multitudes to be saved. Upon the end of their commission they will be raptured as it is with Christ and the Church once work and mission is completed. Such a company appears to be raptured at mid-point of the Tribulation and received into the Throne of YHVH.


War in Heaven

-Lucifer not strong, lost Heavenly positions

-Hurled down to Earth, fights with those that keep the commands and testimony of Jesus

-Perceived as the time of ‘Satan’s Wrath’


Beast out of Sea (the AntiChrist)

-10 horns, 7 heads, 10 crowns, like leopard, bear and lion

-given power, throne and authority

-mortal wound to head, healed, worshipped

-blasphemous, given power 42 months over Saints


Beast out of Land (the False Prophet)

-2 horns like a lamb, spoke as a Dragon

-performed great signs, fire from Heaven


-those refusing to worship AntiChrist are beheaded

-forced all to receive Mark 666



Gospel proclaimed through air

Babylon is Fallen proclaimed

Doom for those Mark of Beast 666 warning


5th Rapture? of Harvest of the Son of Man

Grape Wrath, 1600 stadia, horses bridle

The 7 Bowls

-The Bowls complete GOD’s Wrath

-6th Rapture of Martyred Saints over the Beast and Mark

-Song of Moses is sung with harps

-Tabernacle of Heaven opened

-No one could enter Temple of smoke until Bowls ended


1. LAND: painful soars on who took MARK

2. SEA: turned to ‘blood’ everything died

3. RIVERS: turned to ‘blood’

4. SUN: scorched by fire, intense heat

5. BEAST THRONE: Darkness

6. Euphrates: Dried up, Kings of EAST


-3 demonic frog spirits come out of unholy Trinity

-to gather world for Battle of Armageddon




-lighting, thunder and great earthquake

-Jerusalem split into 3 parts, cities of nations collapsed

-Babylon the Great remembered, cup full of wrath

-cataclysmic events on Earth, 100 lbs. hailstones

-People did not repent, cursed GOD


2nd Coming



-To show forth, appear

-Return of the King w/Bride





Babylon the Prostitute Destroyed

-Blasphemous names, 7 heads, 10 horns

-Golden cup full of adulteries, name on forehead

-Drunk with blood of YHVH’s holy people

-Once was, now is not and yet will come Abyss

-On 7 hills, 7 kings—5 fallen, 1 is and 1 to come

-The AntiChrist is the 8th King

-The 10 horns are 10 kingdoms that wage war on Lamb

-The AntiChrist will destroy the Babylon system

-Lament over fallen Babylon and warning to escape

-3x Woe over Babylon’s fall

-3x Hallelujah over Babylon's fall

Christ Jesus defeats Beasts

-On White Horse called Faithful and True

-Judges and makes war

-Eyes of blazing fire with many crowns

-Name written on him

-Dressed in robe dipped in blood

-The Word of GOD

-Followed by Armies of Heaven (Bride)

-Sword coming from mouth

-Rules the nations with iron scepter

-Executes the Wrath of GOD

-Title of King of Kings, Lord of Lords


Battle of Armageddon

-Nations gathered for the Supper of GOD

-AntiChrist and False Prophet to Lake of Fire


Satan bound 1000 years in the Abyss

7th Rapture of Beheaded given authority to judge on Thrones

-1st Resurrected and reign w/Christ 1000 years

-2nd Resurrection after 1000 years

-Lucifer released, deceives nations Gog-Magog War II

-Fire from Heaven devours Lucifer cast into Lake of Fire


Great White Throne Judgment

-Book opened, Book of Life and other Books

-Persons judged according to deeds

-Death and Hades cast into the Lake of Fire, the 2nd Death


New Heaven and Earth

-No more sea, New Jerusalem as a Bride superimposed

-YHVH’s dwelling place amongst mankind

-No more death, mourning, crying, pain or tears

-IT IS DONE, The Alpha and Omega

-Promise of water/inheritance, warning of sinful practices


The New Jerusalem

-As a Bride, the Wife of the Lamb, glory of YHVH

-the Holy City, Jerusalem of jasper, crystal

-Great wall with 12 gates, 12 Angles at each gate

-At each gate, single pearl, 12 names of Tribes of Israel

-3 gates toward each of the cardinal points

-City has 12 foundations, the names of the Apostles















-Measured at 12000 stadia, length, width, height (cube or pyramid or both)

-Great Street of pure gold transparent as glass

-No Temple, LORD GOD and Lamb are Temple

-No Sun or Moon, nor shadows, GOD and Lamb are the lamp

-Nations will bring splendor, glory and honor

-Gates never shut

-Nothing impure will enter, only those in the Book of Life



Eden Restored

-With River of the Water of Life from Throne/Lamb

-Tree of Life on each side of Great Street

-Tree bore 12 crops of fruit 12x/month

-Leaves for healing of the nations

-No more curse

-Servants serve Him, GOD-Lamb

-Face will be seen, Name on foreheads

-No need for lamps or need of Sun, Moon or Stars

-Overcomers will reign forever



-GOD inspires prophets

-Witness of John and Invitation

-Christ returning with Reward

-The Alpha and Omega

-Blessed are those that wash robes

-Right to Tree of Life and enter Gates of City

-Outside are the defiled

-It is Jesus, the Root of King David, Moring Star

-The Spirit and Bride invite

-The Water of Life is a Free Gift

-Warning about the book

The Conclusion of All Things

The book of Revelation is also about the conclusion to the rebellion of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. The issue is over not only the Earthly Jerusalem but the Heavenly Jerusalem on the Sides of the North. The book of Revelation is about the conclusion of everything. It is a prophecy that is to come true as it testifies of the one that is true, Jesus Christ. It is the very Logos, the Word of GOD that begins and concludes the revelation as He is the ultimate Witness. As the last generation is coming into focus, it can be ascertained that the likelihood of the effects of such scenarios foretold that will occur as depicted in the book of Revelation. The key reason is that it is originated from none other than the risen LORD Jesus Himself who is the Truth.

The Book of Revelation is about the Divine Wrath of Jesus Christ that is coming to Earth; upon a Christ-rejecting Humanity and the Fallen Angels, Lucifer included. These judgments, in their consummation are directed towards the last years of this world that are clocked and pegged to the Church Age. It is only thereafter that the Millennial Kingdom of Christ is to be established on Earth. The magnitude of such events as described by Jesus in His unveiling of who He is, what He did, is doing and will do constitutes the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ that the LORD will pour out on a rebellious ‘last generation’. It is uncharacteristic to have a depiction of a ‘Lamb’ with a wrath; most lambs are known for their docility.


Christ was slain as a Lamb of YHVH led to the slaughter at His 1st Advent; He will return to execute His vengeance upon His enemies as a Lion at His 2nd Advent. It will be the time when the ‘Humble Lamb’ that triumphed over the raging prideful ‘Red Dragon’ at Calvary will have His vengeance in the end. The rationale for the prophetic Scroll Judgments is also coming from the perspective that these divine and catastrophic judgments will happen in the natural world after the Rapture. The Bible clearly states that Christ promised that His Church would be spared from such type of ‘Wrath’ that constitutes the Hour of Trial for the world, the Sons of Jacob and Lucifer.


As divine revelation begins in the Paradise of YHVH, in the Garden of Eden that was lost, so now in the end, Jesus fulfills His promise to Eve to have defeated sin, death and the Shining One with good. Jesus conveyed and implemented this divine principle that good overcomes evil as it is higher power based on love. Lastly the ending of the book of Revelation also ends in restored Paradise and marriage as it began in Genesis with a man and a woman. In the conclusion of what type of definition is to prevail over marriage, it is Jesus Christ’s definition that prevails. It is the Spirit and the Bride speaking as one body, one voice, one heart and mind invite all who can come to partake of the Water of Life and the Tree of Life, for free. The words of ‘It is finished’ echo the words of the Spirt as it concludes the revelation to John by stating ‘It is done’. Do not pass up this Royal and Divine Invitation.


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